Bassnectar, NERO, & More To Headline Global Dance Festival in Arizona

first_imgRelentless Beats and Global Dance are presenting Arizona with the second annual Global Dance Festival at the Rawhide Western Town. This spectacular event is taking place on November 19th, 2016. Make sure to arrive with your kandi cuffs on and boots tied tight because the night is going to be a long one filled with energized ravers looking to get down with the heavy bass drops.This year’s lineup sure is a wild one! Headlining the festival is the well-known and respected Lorin Ashton, better known under his stage name Bassnectar. Other headlining acts include NERO (Dj Set) and Galantis. DJs such as Alison Wonderland, Datsik, Herobust, Lee Foss, Louis the Child, Mat Zo, Valentino Khan, and more will also be throwing down at this year’s event. With a line up like this, your sure can’t afford to miss out.Aside from the music, you will have a blast exploring this western town and its western vibes. Food vendors will be there to serve up some freshly made grub for all you hungry headbangers. Tickets are on sale now for $89…. More information is on the festival’s website. See you there!last_img read more

Lunch Break Seeking Adopt-A-Family Donors

first_imgRED BANK – Time is running out to help make the holidays a special one for children enrolled in Lunch Break’s Adopt-A-Family Holiday Toy program.This year Lunch Break has over 2,000 children registered for the program. Every year the program provides toys, books, clothing, and gift cards to local children from newborns to age 15 who are in need as well as their families. The hope is that each child will receive four gifts, costing no more than $30 per gift.To participate, visit and choose to adopt-a-family or sponsor a child and Lunch Break will do the shopping.All unwrapped gifts are due at Lunch Break, 121 Drs. James Parker Blvd., Red Bank, by 4 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 9.Gifts will be distributed on Saturday, Dec. 12 at Tower Hill Church.last_img read more

Rosemont All-Wheel Park gets grand kick off Saturday

first_imgRefreshments will be available with proceeds going to the ongoing park development fund (donations welcomed).The well-deserved celebration will be on deck at the park starting at Noon and go to 4 p.m. – rain or shine.Fun contests and photo snapping and filming opportunities will abound all afternoon.Official Schedule of events:Noon   Official Opening1 p.m.    PRO demos2 p.m.    Skate with the Pros3 p.m.     Open Skate4 p.m.     Event close Saturday Mother Nature is expected to shine down on the official opening of the All-Wheel Park located in Rosemont.The Official Opening Ceremony concludes a 12-year odyssey by the local skateboarding advocates, Kootenay Lake Outdoor Skatepark Society (KLOSP) and Daybreak Rotary.The ceremony begins with local dignitaries conducting the official opening at noon before Tribute, a major local sponsor for the day, offers up Pro skaters from all over the country.Highlighting the afternoon is a performance by local Nelson product Drew Summersides, who has been featured in the current Concrete Skate Mag.There will also be a Pro Demo and Skating with the Pro’s thereafter, all to the tunes of DJ Digs.last_img read more

Bonkers, the Pygmy goat

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest Every set of Pygmy goat kids born at my place has one silly member. This year was no exception.In mid-March, a wether was born that immediately caught my attention with his fun antics. If he isn’t chewing on my jacket or jumping on a toy in the goat pen, he is knocking his brothers and sisters off my lap so he can take a seat. He is so much fun.This particular wether is destined to go to a 4-H home when he is weaned, and I generally let my customers pick the names of their goats. This particular kid wether is going to be a 4-H project for a young lady. She is very excited about her goat project, and I am excited for her because I know a kid this tame and silly will provide much fun and entertainment for his owner’s family.The family that is buying this little boy was nervous about picking a name for him. They were afraid that since he will be shown he might need a regal or special name. I assured them that goat names are usually not read out loud at Pygmy goat shows and even if they are, any name the 4-Her chose would be fine.A few days later, the family of the 4-Her sent me a name for this silly wether. They are naming him Bonkers. I can’t think of a more perfect name for such an affectionate silly little guy. Sometimes being a little bonkers is all it takes to make a 4-Her’s day and that is my hope for his future life.last_img read more

Small Camera, Big Potential: GoPro Hero 4 Black

first_imgGoPro for a documentary? We share our initial thoughts on the Hero 4.For quite sometime I have resisted the urge to purchase a GoPro. As a filmmaker I just didn’t see the need for it most of the time. However as I began to work on more  documentary projects my interest was piqued. Is a GoPro suitable for doc filmmaking, and if so, in what ways?Going into my latest documentary film production I finally decided to take the plunge and purchase a GoPro Hero4 Black. I do not regret the purchase. Not for a second. Here is a nice in-depth review of the Hero4 Black from MW Technology.Please note that while I will be sharing my experience with the Hero4 Black, I will not be sharing footage at this time per request of the director of the documentary.Digging Into The Camera And Finding Its LimitsI really wanted to push the limits of the camera and see what it could do at each setting. I found the controls of the camera easy enough, but relied heavily on the GoPro App to control the camera. This worked great. The picture quality in the app is not exactly what the final product will look like, but its streaming over a wi-fi signal and is to be expected. Plus it gives you access to control all the settings and even look back at what you had just shot.Now the image quality for 1080 and 1440 looked great for such a small form factor, but it was identical to what I had seen GoPro’s produce before, particularly in the 2012 documentary film Leviathan. So, I jumped into 2.7K and began filming in wide and medium mode. Medium mode got rid of the wide angle lens look and made the image look a bit more in conjunction with DSLRs we were using for the shoot. The only HFR I used on the shoot was 50fps in 2.7K, which impressed me quite a bit especially after just filming some 48fps 3k footage back in October for another film.While I ended up using 2.7K for the most part I did use 4K for some travel sequences. I was warned ahead of time by another filmmaker to not run 4K for a long period of time. I started by filming at 4K for just over 7 minutes but quickly found out what he was talking about – the camera was incredibly hot to the touch (which could likely damage it). From then on I would film between 2 to 3 minute bursts, which is not ideal for documentaries, but worked to keep the camera temp from becoming an issue.Battery Draining Can Be An IssueGoing back to the use of 4K and the GoPro app – while I found both to be an awesome upgrade, it drains the battery like there is no tomorrow. The GoPro app drained the battery of my iPhone so much that I just ended up keeping it on a car charger during the travel sequences. I see a purchase of the GoPro LCD Touch BacPac or new iPad Mini in my future for sure.I also found the batteries of the Hero4 Black to be very short on life. In one day, or five hour span, I went through all four batteries that I had purchased for the shoot. It also took at least two hours to fully charge the batteries. Worth noting that a lot of that battery drainage is due to me filming in 2.7k and 4k at high frame rates.GoPro App and Wi-Fi Connectivity Is ImpressiveConnecting to the camera over wi-fi through the GoPro App is impressive. There is a little lag between the camera and the app, but its minimal and the range exceeded my expectations. Between 20 to 30 yards the connection to the camera is decent, but once you get to around 50 yards I found that I would easily lose preview and connectivity. The app itself is easy to control and allows you to fully explore that options of the camera.Within the app you can set your resolution, FPS, Field of View and Protune, which opens up a bevy of options. You can adjust the white balance between 3000k to 6500k. The color temp can be set to GoPro Color or flat, which is what you want for grading. then you can set your ISO from 400 to 6400. There are also a number of other feature and tools that will help with time-lapse and multi-shot photography.Rethinking Future PurchasesAfter spending a lot of time using the Hero4 Black, and coming out of that time extremely impressed with the camera, I have given a great deal of thought to my next camera purchase. With several projects upcoming within the new year, I’ve had to look at purchasing an additional 4K camera to run next to the RED Scarlet. For some time I had been looking at the Blackmagic Design 4K Production Camera, however its lack of any HFR has kept me from that purchase. But with the Hero4 Black’s ability to capture a great image in HFR 2.7K I feel confident that I can now save that money, buy the BMPC and go into my next shoot with complete confidence.In the end the GoPro Hero4 Black is great little camera that packs a serious punch. There is so much potential for filmmakers when using the GoPro like the ability to get amazing crane and high moving shots with the Phantom by DJI or capturing Steadicam type shots with the 3-axis gimbal Feiyu FY-G3.But future potential isn’t just strictly for filmmakers. With the introduction of the Oculus Rift the Tutorial Bay began testing a way of using the GoPro in a unique way. Using a combination of the Oculus Rift, GoPro Hero4 and Adrunio, Tutorial Bay was able to create the very first third-person image capturing setup.Have you had any experience with the GoPro Hero 4? Share in the comments below.last_img read more

ICC to halt Pakistan’s 2011 visit to England: Report

first_imgICC is expected to tell Pakistan that they will not be returning to England next season, as a sequel to allegations of spot-fixing controversy, media reports said on Sunday.According to The Sunday Telegraph, England was going to be Pakistan’s second home as long as the security situation in their country was desperate.The Pakistan-Australia Test series held this summer was intended to be the first of several neutral series staged here.But at the ICC chief executives meet in Cape Town on Monday, the ECB CEO David Collier is not going to offer Pakistan the same facilities for 2011, as a consequence of the recent decline in the tourists’ popularity.Earlier this year the ECB had hoped that Pakistan would play India in England next summer, which would have been a real money-spinner as the two countries meet so seldom and have such large and passionate following.But such fixtures are neither possible nor desirable after three Pakistan players — Salman Butt, Mohammad Asif and Mohammad Amir — were suspended by the ICC while they are being investigated by Metropolitan Police.According to the report, there is a small window for a one-day series between Sri Lanka — the other country to tour England next season — and Pakistan to be staged in this country in July.But disappointing attendances for many of Pakistan’s games this summer, and the controversy involving the tainted trio, with the possibility of more charges to follow, have led to the official change of attitude towards Pakistan’s future.advertisementlast_img read more

Video: Softball Player Pulls Off Ridiculously Impressive Bat Trick

first_imgGirl does bat tricks in her backyard.Bat Tricks GirlSoftball, as we all know, is a game of statistics. Here’s an impressive number for you. The below Vine, posted one day ago, has nearly 8 million loops. Why? Because it features an incredible softball bat trick.The girl’s name is Marisa Arriaga, and she hails from Cedar Hill, Texas. She posted the original video back in June, but it’s gone viral the past 24 hours. In the clip, she lifts a bat off of the ground with her foot, bounces it behind her back, kicks the ball off of the tee, juggles it, and then crushes it into the woods. It’s awesome.Bat tricks?— marisa (@marisa_arriaga) June 24, 2015Yeah, I can’t do that. Impressive, to say the least.last_img read more

Canadians in Silicon Valley reflect on US gun culture in wake of

first_imgWhen Ron Piovesan moved from Toronto to the United States for work in 2001 he never considered the country’s gun culture as a reason to stay home.It was only after he had kids that the relentless headlines about gun violence — like the recent school shooting in Parkland, Fla., that left 17 students dead and this week’s incident at YouTube’s headquarters in San Bruno, Calif. — really started to weigh on him.“These things add up, and I don’t know what the tipping point is, but you get to a point where you think, ‘I don’t want my kids to be scared anymore,’” says the father of two, choking up as he describes how his children have experienced frightening lockdown drills at their elementary school.“It hits you in a much deeper place and a much more profound place when you have kids who are actually in school — and then that problem becomes a lot more real to you.”Still, the 46-year-old tech executive isn’t planning to uproot his family and return to Canada.“For the moment, I’m choosing to stay and try to make a difference in my community,” says Piovesan, who led a successful campaign last year to stop a gun store from opening in San Carlos, Calif., where he lives.It’s a sentiment shared by attorney Dawn Robertson, who moved with her family to San Francisco just over four years ago when her husband Mike Beltzner was hired to work for Pinterest and more recently Facebook.They have not considered moving back to where they previously lived in Toronto, but have become increasingly distressed by the prevalence of shootings in the U.S.“It’s one of those things that even when it happens you still feel like it can’t happen to you,” says Robertson, 41. “But I think certainly since Parkland and most recently with YouTube being close to us, we’re increasingly concerned — as people who can’t vote here — that we’ve got a major public safety issue living here that is suddenly certainly a concern for us and for our children.“It does weigh quite heavily on us. It’s not enough to make us turn around and move but certainly it’s something that does give us pause.”Zoe Kevork, an immigration lawyer and co-president of the Southern California chapter of Canadians Abroad, says gun culture is something that’s frequently overlooked when Canadians consider a move south.“People do think of us as being so similar … we’re right across the border, we watch all the same television, we have so many things in common culturally,” says Kevork.“But you really start to realize there are some significant cultural differences which you probably didn’t expect when you made the move down here.”Kevork, who has lived in the U.S. for 14 years, says she’s still shocked when a mass shooting makes the news, but finds Americans are no longer as shaken as they once were.“I’m happy I still get shocked by it because they’re so acclimatized to it here, it’s just a part of life. The ability to be shocked I think is what makes us Canadian right now,” she says.“We’re a lot more attuned these days to the things that differentiate us as Canadians, whether that’s the gun culture, whether that’s our treatment of refugees or treatment of immigrants generally.”Piovesan says he wouldn’t be surprised if some of the Canadians taking advantage of the great opportunities in Silicon Valley and elsewhere in the U.S., do start to reconsider their options at home.“I do think where a lot of people thought, ‘Oh I’m never going to move back,’ I do think as things appear to get progressively worse in the United States there will be a tipping point for many people where people think it’s not worth it anymore.”last_img read more

Spicejet to add 5 more 90-seater Bombardier Q400s to its fleet

first_imgMumbai: Budget carrier SpiceJet Tuesday said it plans to expand its regional jet fleet to 32 aircraft by adding five more 90-seater Bombardier Q400s. The move is aimed at augmenting capacity in the domestic markets especially on regional routes, following the near collapse of Jet Airways, which has resulted in massive surge in air fares besides mismatch in demand and supply amid peak travel season. Three of these planes will join the fleet in the next ten days while the remaining two will be inducted by June, SpiceJet said in a statement. Also Read – Thermal coal import may surpass 200 MT this fiscalThe Gurugram-based no-frills carrier had last week announced dry leasing of 16 Boeing 737-800 NG for the carrier. “As part of our efforts to augment capacity and minimise passenger inconvenience, SpiceJet will induct five more Q400s in addition to the 16 B737s we announced last week,” SpiceJet chairman and managing director Ajay Singh said. The sudden reduction of aviation capacity should in no way hamper air connectivity to the smaller towns and cities of India and as the country’s largest regional operator, SpiceJet will make all possible efforts in this direction, Singh said. Also Read – Food grain output seen at 140.57 mt in current fiscal on monsoon boostThe 90-seater variant is part of SpiceJet’s second purchase order for up to 50 Q400 turboprops placed in September 2017 worth USD 1.7 billion. Spicejet has already inducted five planes as part of this order. It also operates a 78-seater variant of the same aircraft. SpiceJet operates 516 average daily flights to 60 destinations, including 51 domestic and 9 international ones. The airline has a fleet of 48 Boeing 737, 27 Bombardier Q-400s and one B737 freighter.last_img read more

Mens volleyball Ohio State rolls over Saint Francis in straight sets

Then-junior setter Christy Blough (5) sets the ball during a match against Ball State on Feb. 6, 2016.Credit: Courtesy of OSU AthleticsThe momentum kept rolling Friday night as the No. 1 Ohio State men’s volleyball team added another win to its current 29-game streak, this time at Saint Francis University. The Buckeyes won in straight sets 25-23, 25-18, 25-18.The win puts OSU at 6-0 on the season while Saint Francis falls to an even 3-3. The game marks the 30th win for the Buckeyes over the Red Flash in the teams’ 31-game history.OSU has now won 87 of the last 105 sets with a sweep over Saint Francis. The Buckeyes are within striking distance of matching the school record 32-game win streak that was set during OSU’s 24-0 run to end the 1969 season and the first eight games of the 1970 season.Senior opposite Miles Johnson led the Buckeyes in kills with 11, while junior outside hitter Maxime Hervoir had eight kills on 12 errorless attempts, notching a .667 hitting percentage.Senior opposite Jeff Hogan was the Red Flash’s team leader in kills with 13, but had 6 attacking on the night. Redshirt junior outside hitter Stephen Braswell followed Hogan in kills with seven of his own.Neith team in the first set accumulated much of a lead with a total of 15 ties. Eventually, OSU pulled away with kills from redshirt sophomore middle blocker Blake Lesson and junior outside hitter Nicolas Szerszen, as well as a combined block by Hervoir and Lesson, to seal the deal for the Buckeyes to win 25-23.The Buckeyes thoroughly dominated the second set with a couple timely runs. Five straight points put OSU up 10-5, then a six-point run built the lead to 24-15. Lesson’s kill closed the set at 25-18.After a seven-all start, OSU went on another six-point streak in the third set. The Buckeyes were nearly perfect in their attacking with only one hitting error, swinging at .560 percent. OSU’s offensive efforts were complimented by senior libero Gabriel Domecus’ match high six digs to help the Buckeyes win 25-18.Ohio State plays again Tuesday night in St. John Arena in a Big Ten clash against No. 15 Penn State at 7 p.m. read more