Board Establishes New Limited Contact Rules for Out‐of‐Season Athletes Executive Committee approves Unified Flag Football for Sponsorship this Fall

first_imgThe IHSAA Board of Directors approved 17 rules proposals, one failed to receive support, and one was tabled for further study during its annual review of the By‐Laws and Articles of Incorporation this morning in Indianapolis.Among them was an amendment to the Participation Rule that affects out‐of‐season student‐athletes in team sports (baseball, basketball, football, soccer, softball, volleyball). After being tabled by the Board of Directors a year ago for further study, the body voted 19‐0 to establish a Limited Contact Program with specific start and end dates for each season and a separate Conditioning Program.The Limited Contact Program replaces what was previously known as “open facility” and now allows coaches towork directly with student‐athletes two days a week for two hours per day providing instruction in a practicesetting with balls, goals, nets, etc. The restriction of working with only two athletes also was removed.For fall sports, Limited Contact Programs may be conducted Monday of Week 9 to Saturday of Week 15. Inwinter sports, it will be Monday of Week 23 to Saturday of Week 31. And for spring sports, it will be Monday ofWeek 40 to Saturday of Week 45.The Executive Committee also approved sponsorship of Unified Flag Football, the second co‐ed sport offered inpartnership with Special Olympics Indiana, and 22nd overall. The program combines students with and withoutintellectual disabilities on the same team for sports training and competition, similar to Unified Track & Field,which is now in its fifth year of sponsorship. The tournament will be limited to the first 64 teams that commit tofielding a team with each receiving a “start‐up grant” of equipment and financial assistance from SpecialOlympics Indiana.The program would begin this summer with a tentative schedule as follows:First practice: July 30Regular season: Aug. 11‐Sept. 22Sectionals: Saturday, Sept. 29Regionals: Saturday, Oct. 6Semi‐States: Saturday, Oct. 13State Finals: Saturday, Oct. 20 (four teams, 1 site)All proposals are considered in the order that the rule appears within the current by‐laws. The Board ofDirectors has four options on each proposal: affirm, deny, table or amend. A simple majority is necessary to acton any measure. A copy of the current by‐laws is available here. All approved measures become effectiveimmediately unless otherwise noted.The following are additional highlights of today’s Board of Directors meeting and the ensuing ExecutiveCommittee meeting. Complete minutes are posted at A proposal submitted by Lebanon principal Kevin O’Rourke was approved 18‐1 which would ensurethat, in team sports other than football, a school placed in a class based upon its enrollment, will remainin that class and not be bumped down a class due to another school moving up due to the TournamentSuccess Factor. Rule 7‐1.4 pertaining to Mandatory Coach Accreditation was completely re‐written and was approvedunanimously 19‐0. The new rule now requires all coaches to complete three specific education coursesto be accredited: NFHS Concussion in Sports, NFHS Heat Illness Prevention and; NFHS Sudden CardiacArrest. These courses must be repeated every two years or when the edition of the course changes,whichever comes first. The rule previously outlined three levels of coach accreditation – registered,certified and professional – and steps required to attain each level. An amendment to Rule 15‐2.2 of the Participation Rule was approved 14‐5 which increased the numberof soccer participants from a member school permitted on a non‐school team during the school yearout‐of‐season from six (6) individuals to seven (7) individuals. The Board unanimously rejected a proposal submitted by the commissioner on behalf of the soccer statecoaches association that would have restricted, during the summer, the soccer activities of a school’splayers to an open facility program under one of three participation options. Formally ratified an amendment to Rule 17‐8.1 clarifying contest ejections and contest officialsdecisions are not waivable. This amendment had been adopted as a temporary regulation by theExecutive Committee at its December 14 meeting. The Board tabled an amendment to Rule 19‐6.1 authored by South Knox principal David Couchenourthat would have permitted full eligibility following a transfer by a student without a correspondingchange of residence by the parent/guardian when the transfer occurs before the student’s sophomoreyear. Approved unanimously an amendment to Rule 19‐6.1 allowing a student up to two moves with fulleligibility instead of one when moving between divorced or separated parents. Formally adopted the change to a single baseball pitch count for both varsity and sub‐varsity pitchers(Rule 51‐4). This rule had been approved at the March 23 meeting of the Executive Committee in timefor the start of the new baseball season. An amendment made by the commissioner on behalf of the soccer coaches association to the boys andgirls soccer rules limiting participation in soccer jamborees to halves and to require each half to beagainst a different opponent was approved 19‐0. Two proposals made by the commissioner on behalf of the wrestling coaches association were approvedincluding reducing the number of regular season tournaments from seven (7) to six (6) and increasing thenumber of additional team members in each weight class who may weigh in at meets from one (1) totwo (2). The commissioner proposed an amendment on behalf of the volleyball coaches association decreasingthe number of permitted volleyball contests from 25 to 23 matches which was approved 19‐0. An amendment to Rule 111‐4 written by Westview principal Rich Cory was passed 19‐0 increasing thenumber of permitted volleyball sets a player may play in a day, against players from a single school, fromfive (5) to six (6). The elections for neext year’s leadership of the Board and Executive Committee also were held. Fishersathletic director Jim Brown was voted president of the 2018‐19 Board of Directors and Jimtown athleticdirector Nathan Dean was elected vice president. Logansport athletic director Brian Strong was namedchairman of the 2018‐19 Executive Committee and Indianapolis Cathedral principal Dave Worland wasconfirmed as vice chairman.last_img read more