Domestic Companies “Metalac“ and “A3“ to renew the Stadium “Pecara“?

first_imgWorks on covering the north stands of the stadium Pecara in Siroki Brijeg are in the progress and will be ended until the beginning of the new football season. Contractors are companies from Siroki Brijeg “Metalac“ d.o.o. and “A3“, and the investor is the Football Club Siroki Brijeg, as confirmed in  Metalac.First, the old structure above the VIP Lodge was removed and the installment of columns that will carry the roof structure is in progress. With covered south stands, Pecara will be additionally beautified with covering the north stands that will certainly means a better comfort for spectators.“Metalac“ is performing works on the steel construction (main columns, girders and the secondary construction) and the covering of the stands with an appropriate profiled steel sheet, and “A3“ is the contractor of concrete works.“The job is very demanding and complex as in terms of a technical solutions and the workshop development, as well as in terms of the installation itself and the appliance of an appropriate scaffoldings and cranes for the installment“, said the contractor, stating that “Metalac“ engaged 20 people for the workshop development and 10 people for the installment itself.In the current phase, around 1.300 square meters of the space at the north stands s being covered and it will enable a better comfort for spectators.Also, the grass is completely refreshed, thus preparations and playing matches will be a pleasure for players of FC Siroki Brijeg.(Source: read more