Trogir has become a brand!

first_imgWe can learn so much from these statements, but perhaps the most important is the awareness of the market and modern future development of Trogir. Of course, one is the form, and something completely different is the market, growth and development, ie content. However, we can rarely hear such a statement in our media space, from the mayor or the helmsman of the future development of the city. Trogir has become a brand.  Photo: Fabular If we do not have a satisfied local population, if they move out of the city – I wonder how we can develop tourism? How can we sell authenticity if the local population does not live that authenticity? If it is negative and dissatisfied? Every part of Trogir. Bravo. It is this authenticity that creates uniqueness in the tourist market. And that is why our main tourist product is that we must be what we are – Dalmatians, Slavonians, Istrians, Zagorje… – CROATS. It’s a story we have to tell and sell. And so from the above context, this step, to present and brand the city through a new and modern logo and brand, is an extremely significant and big step forward. And the city / destination is a brand, a brand that attracts not only tourists but also investments, companies and new residents. The rhythm of the city, as well as the quality of life in the city is important, both for the development of tourism, the local population and for attracting new residents – the future development of the city. No capital wants to go into a negative atmosphere. The new visual identity of the city of Trogir outlines traces carved in stone and a unique, top art of world scale- Anja Bauer, Fabular “The new visual identity of the city of Trogir outlines traces carved in stone and unique, top art of world proportions. Inspiration was found in old traces, signatures and markers left by medieval masters at the Cathedral of St. Lawrence and the Church of St. John the Baptist. The trace is a mark in time that testifies not only to top creativity but also to life and play – trilling, prayer – sailing and permission and completion of construction – Radovan’s seal. The logo depicts a trill carved in stone, it is one of the frequent traces left by the masters at the Cathedral of St. Lawrence and the Church of St. John the Baptist. She tells us about the simplicity and beauty of living in Trogir and points out that in addition to the magnificent buildings, the beauty of everyday life in Trogir is equally inspiring. A system of pictograms inspired by the urban and artistic heritage of the city of Trogir was developed, as well as the delineation of everyday life through traces and graffiti of medieval master builders, sculptors and stonemasons who lived and created here, and who centuries later vividly testify to the intertwining”, Explained Anja Bauer. Photo: Fabular And there is another positive message we can draw from this story – the story of the top branding of our experts. Either you play a game or you don’t – a game is played in the market The city of Trogir has made a step forward and became the first city and destination in Croatia to be a brand. When you are “small” then you have to be fast, proactive, innovative and creative to jump out of the crowd and attract attention. We need to follow new trends faster than the big ones. And we can do that even though we are “small”. Of course we are small only if we want to be. We decided to embark on this project because looking at foreign examples we realized the positive impact of quality branding on the lives of locals, said the mayor of Trogir Ante Bilic, adding that they are aware that the market is changing and that only those who responses to the needs of today’s tourists, be able to continue to develop without compromising the quality of life of local people. “Shooting was interesting and fun, and sometimes even as dangerous as when we walked into the apiary in shorts. There were also twists of the ankles on the streets of Trogir, the cloud used to block the sun just when we didn’t need it, but we still managed to capture everything exactly as we imagined. There were days when we filmed for 12 hours, which at 35 degrees and in the sun can be quite exhausting, but in the lives of me and my colleague Ratko Ilijić it is common. All for good staff. We met a lot of great people from Trogir and learned a lot of things we didn’t know about the city, even though we had been there so many times before. We were most impressed by the masters, craftsmen who work here and who did not give in to the negative influences of mass tourism but stick to tradition. It was challenging to reduce five hours of material to three minutes, but modern trends require short forms. Fortunately, we have so much good footage that the plan and desire is to make a series of small videos next year in which we will show everything we have recorded. It would be a shame not to see that either” said Milan Latkovic. “Through branding, we want to profile ourselves among a number of similar destinations on the Adriatic and become recognizable for a number of specialties that we have. Trogir deserves it primarily for the people who live and create there, for its beauty and heritage and the fact that it has been on the UNESCO list for 22 years. We want to prevent Trogir from becoming a ‘fast food’ destination. I am proud that at such a high level we were the first in Dalmatia to launch such a complex project based not only on new and beautiful visuals, but a strategy that should guide us in the coming years and, I repeat, bring great benefits to Trogir and our fellow citizens. There are still many steps ahead of us and we will certainly learn on the go, but I hope that we will soon become a positive example and that other cities will follow us.”Concluded Bilic. Many leaders of tourist boards from the area, tourist guides, leaders of hotels and agencies and other tourist workers had the opportunity to visit the city for the first time in the so-called. a masterful tour through which all the peculiarities emphasized by the new branding of the city are shown. The aim of the project was to detect the peculiarities by which Trogir differs from other cities and to shape them into new slogan, logo and narrative which will be spoken primarily by the residents of Trogir, tourist workers, residents of this Dalmatian region, domestic and foreign tourists and the media, according to the city of Trogir.  The task was to put the rich past and heritage of Trogir in a contemporary context and create a strong story that will attract tourists who spend more and stay longer, but above all arouse the pride of residents and return life to the old town throughout the year. It is in market development that our biggest problem is. One thing is politics, and something else is market development, that’s where we fall the most, that’s why we stagnate. In today’s 21st century, we live in a global village, and the economy is the alpha and omega, and everyone is struggling to attract as much investment as possible and everyone is fighting for every tourist. E politics plays the least role here, but market rules apply here. The project was developed by the internationally awarded Zagreb company Fabular, a member of the professional association REBRAND Hall of Fame among the 25 best brand consultants in the world, led by the director of branding strategy Anja Bauer, author of the protected formula “8 ingredients that make up the brand” and a leading branding expert. Croatia. Often we all stick to the old coats of arms and flags of cities and no other city has presented a modern concept of branding, and especially I mean through the new modern logo, which will be implemented in all communication of bastards, including tourist destinations. This does not mean that we have to forget who we are and our past, on the contrary, I personally think that we have to respect ourselves, our tradition and identity much more, because that is the only way others can respect us. So let us respect ourselves, so that others may respect us. Also, it is precisely our authentic way and culture of living that must be our main tourist product, and not enter into the standardization and copying of others. “Working on the branding of Trogir was interesting, intriguing, lively, instructive. Trogir is a place that delighted us with its beauty and depth of meaning and we all enjoyed creating its story. Through our research work, we have detected three key things, the impressive features that make up the identity of Trogir. These are the continuity of life over 3600 years, then the great masters who worked there from the Middle Ages until today and the indelible traces that these masters leave. These are the three main elements, the so-called sweet spot of Trogir, based on which we created a strategy”, Said Anja Bauer, owner and creative director of Fabular. And that mindset is the key – the city is a brand.  In the process that lasted more than a year, an extensive interdisciplinary research was conducted on the perception, potentials and challenges of Trogir, which analyzed the historical material, conducted surveys with locals and tourists, talked to all the meritorious people of the city – from historians, craftsmen, caterers, museum staff, the City, the Tourist Board, tourist guides… The very motive of the trip is to get to know a new way and culture of living and to have a new experience. Also, when we talk about a destination, we often forget that the term destination is a broader context. We all make a destination, ie the whole city, both with its arrangement and the people who live and work in it. The city / destination is a whole, and it is the destination and the primary motive for arrival, not accommodation. The city is a BRAND The idea is that by using heritage and local specialties in a contemporary context and emphasizing authentic values, the city is positioned not only as one of the most desirable domestic but also Mediterranean destinations. The project is done modeled on many European destinations, such as Glasgow, Eindhoven, Bologna, Berlin…, which after branding recorded a number of positive economic effects, and Trogir wants to achieve all of the above. The city is not buildings / structures, but the city is made up of people. In the coming years, the implementation of this project will follow, which aims at what everyone wants – to attract the wealthier, the so-called. cultural tourists who stay longer and spend more through reviving neglected and hidden locations, both in the core and beyond. The goal is to extend the season, hold master classes, organize various events with the sign of “master” throughout the year, cooperation with universities, hosting art colonies, sports competitions “ Do you want growth and development? Do you want to extend the tourist season? Want to increase the number of days people stay in your destination? Do you want to attract better quality tourists, higher purchasing power who are interested in quality content? Want to increase tourism spending? We were most impressed by the masters, craftsmen who work there and who did not give in to the negative influences of mass tourism but stick to tradition. – Milan Latkovic Photo: Fabular On the other hand, I constantly point out that in Croatia we have practically all resources, top experts in almost every field, experts who are valued globally, who work miracles in impossible conditions, and who we use very little or not at all for our future development. If we can, and we can, we should take advantage of them. This is not about cost, but about investment. The project also spawned a new promotional video of Trogir, whose staff stands behind many times internationally award-winning Split cameraman Milan Latković. The shooting lasted about 30 days, five hours of material were recorded, of which the first in a series of videos was created showing Trogir in a new light. The video is special in that it includes many people, with an emphasis on masters, both those who once created there, and many contemporary masters – sculptors, painters, corals, tanners, but also children of Trogir schools and kindergartens, athletes, grandmothers from the market and many others, olive growers, beekeepers, winemakers, cooks… all those who make up the city. Namely, the City of Trogir presented a new branding strategy, a new slogan and visual identity, but also a new promotional video of the city. After a year and a half of work in which more than a hundred people participated in various ways, Trogir became the first destination on the coast, but also the first city in Croatia to start branding on such a serious and professional level. What if we don’t sell and tell our stories? What if we don’t respect ourselves, our history, identity, way of life and culture? What makes us recognizable and why someone would visit us, certainly not just because of the sun and the sea. How to extend the tourist season, extend the stay of guests and increase tourist consumption if not with quality, diverse and primarily authentic content? We want to prevent Trogir from becoming a ‘fast food’ destination- Ante Bilić, Mayor of Trogir If so, then this is the right path. Of course, one is form, and now the real work and focus on content is just beginning, because brand strategy must be alive and tangible in order to have the right effect. Again, the city and the brand are the people, not just the logo. The author of the new visual identity of Trogir is Maja Bagić Barić, one of the most respected Croatian designers. Fabular found the signature of Master Muscardell from the 13th century in the interior of the Trogir Cathedral, on the basis of which Nikola Đurek, a university professor in Split and Zagreb, the most famous Croatian typographer, created a new font. In the creative process, a new slogan of the city was created: “MARKED BY MASTERS”, respectively “MARKED BY MASTERS”, and the ubiquitous rub was chosen for the logo.last_img read more

Badgers return home, host pair of conference upstarts

first_imgUW Athletic CommunicationsFollowing a road trip to Penn State and Indiana last weekend, the No. 33 Wisconsin women’s tennis team will return home Saturday and Sunday to host No. 54 Iowa and No. 65 Minnesota as their Big Ten season continues. The Badgers split matches last weekend, prevailing 4-3 in a closely contested affair against the Nittany Lions before dropping 5-2 to the Hoosiers in a match marked by several close sets.Despite going 1-1 last weekend, Wisconsin bumped up in the rankings two spots this week. On the personal side, Katie McGaffigan and Caitlin Burke also took personal jumps, graduating to the No. 91 and No. 87 spots, respectively. McGaffigan had represented the Badgers in number-one singles all season, with Burke playing out of the second spot, until this past weekend when they flipped seeds. Though the two collectively went 1-3 on the weekend trip, each fought through a duo of tightly contested matches. Head coach Patti Henderson is yet to announce who will be playing out of which flight this weekend.“In all honesty, if you had told me going into this weekend that we would have been 1-3 at positions 1 and 2 for us, I would have said no way,” Henderson said. You know, we’re going to be 2-2 at a minimum and hopefully 3-1 or 4-0. Erin and I haven’t decided exactly how we’re going to handle that.”Playing out of fourth flight singles, sophomore Kaylan Caiati currently boasts of a team leading eight-game win streak, having not lost a single set since February 25.“Well, Kaylan Caiati is every tennis player’s worst nightmare basically,” Henderson said. “I look at it as, you know, you’re going to play somebody, and you’ve got what’s between their ears, their head, their heart, and their skill level. And Kaylan Caiati’s heart and head are unbelievable — never in doubt, never questioned.”But on the doubles front, Caiati is quick to note that her and Burke — a relatively recently minted pairing — still have room to improve in the second flight. Coming off of a duo of losses last weekend, including a 9-7 fall to Indiana where they enjoyed a match point before dropping behind, Caiati sees room for personal improvement.“I just really would like to improve on my doubles game,” Caiati said. “There’s times when I feel confident about it, and there are other times when I realize that there [are] parts of my game that I need a lot of work on.”In Iowa and Minnesota, the Badgers face a duo of teams with no seniors in their lineups, with the Hawkeye squad being composed entirely of freshmen and sophomores.“I think Iowa is a pretty young team — so is Minnesota. I think Iowa has just a couple of people returning; they have a new coach,” senior Lindsay Martin said. “And that is either really good for us — they are young and inexperienced — or they’re really excited and eager to go out there and play.”The Hawkeyes will also enter Madison under the leadership of a relatively new coach, though Henderson is well acquainted with him.“Iowa has a new coach who’s actually a friend of mine, a fellow Canadian, Daryl Greenan, and he just stepped in at sort of like Thanksgiving time with their program, after they had been coachless for the fall,” Henderson said. “I think he worked at Alabama as an assistant coach there, where Jenny Mines and he had done a great job and got that team ranked into the Top 20, so he knows what he’s doing. He knows what it’s about.”last_img read more

Lazio player channels his inner Suarez; sent off for biting opponent’s arm [VIDEO]

first_imgMove over Luis Suarez, there’s a new biter in town.Lazio defender Patric was sent off for biting an opponent in a Serie A game on Tuesday.Patric was captured sinking his teeth into the arm of Lecce player Guilo Donati.The referee did not see the incident but sent off Patric after a review by the Video Assistant Referee (VAR).There are suggestions that Patric could face a lengthy ban, particularly due to the strict COVID-19 protocols the players are expected to adhere to.Second-placed Lazio who has been seriously challenging Juventus for the title prior to the lockdown have fallen off the pace since the resumption of the season.They are now seven points of the top having won just two out of their five matches since the restart, including last night’s 2-1 loss to Lecce.Take a look at a video of the incident and the reaction on social media below.last_img read more