11yearold wins 20000 from ATT for It Can Wait app

first_imgAn 11-year-old girl has just won a $20,000 award from AT&T for helping to create an app that discourages users from texting while driving. It was part of a promotion to generate awareness for the “It Can Wait” campaign, a “just say no to drugs” for today’s youth that stresses the perils of distracted driving.Victoria Walker collaborated with designer David Grau to create an app called Rode Dog. It works by encouraging friends to join one another in a “pack.” Assuming the group all installs the app, they act as monitors for one another. So if users log on and realize their friend is texting while driving, they can send a loud barking sound to that friend. Then, the sound will not stop until the phone is put away.Walker and Grau hope to have the app up and running on the app storefronts for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone later this year. They have said the prize money will go toward enhancing the app.Of course, there are many other options for preventing texting while driving. They all rely on the phone’s built-in GPS or satellite location to determine if users are traveling at a speed greater than the defined setting. Most of these options, however, are mainly designed for parents to restrict their children from using the phone while driving.Because of the explosion of this new “It Can Wait” campaign, though, there will likely be a much bigger focus on app development and services geared toward users who want to police themselves or their friends.More at Rode Dog, via LA Timeslast_img read more