Abraham Boakye Wants MidSea Case Re-opened

first_imgMr. Bright Akwettey, counsel for Abraham Boakye, who has sued the Ghana FA over the sponsorship of the Ghana Premier League, has appealed to the High Court of Ghana to allow his client to re-open his case.Akwettey wants the High Court to subpeona certain key personalities in relation to the case. The people Akwettey wants called are Director of the Ghana Immigration Service, the Secretary of the GFA and the chairman and secretary of the Professional League Board.It is worth noting that both the defence and the plaintiff have closed the cases. But in an affidavit in support of a motion, Mr. Akwettey believes subpoenaing those people to produce documents and information was relevant to the determination of the case.According to Akwettey, during the evidence in chief of the first witness for the GFA and Mr. Kwesi Nyantakyi, the president, the witness raised new issues about some minutes of meetings – six in number, he said – purportedly taken during meetings between them and representatives of Globacom Nigeria.His contention is that there were no such minutes taken and that no such meetings took place. “That, secondly and more significantly, some of the persons stated in the minutes as having been present at those meetings, did not in fact attend such meetings and therefore falsehood was what fed to the court.”“That the evidence available in official circles, to wit, the Ghana Immigration Service, suggest strongly, that Randy Abbey and Rene Williams Kuoe Bi were not present in this country as some of the dates stated in the exhibit, which exhibits the plaintiff maintains are forgeries,” Mr. Akwettey said. Akwettey argues that to ensure that all relevant information was made available to the court to determine the truth, it would be fair and would accord the principles of justice to receive the minutes of the PLB of October 14, 2008 in evidence.BackgroundThe Ghana Football Association announced a five-year sponsorship deal worth $15 million with the Nigerian telecommunications giant as title sponsor for the premier league in December 2008.Abraham Boakye, aka One Man Supporter wants legal credit of introducing Glo and the GFA to the sponsorship. He believes no agency role was required to firm the deal, questioning also why the GFA should be paying a 10 percent agency fee to the aforementioned entities.The political heat generated from the case caused GFA President Kwesi Nyantakyi to hold a press conference on September 3, 2011 where he said that MidSea Company Limited had secured the Glo sponsorship deal for Ghana’s professional league.But a Director of the construction company, Professor Marian Ewurama Addy later said her outfit had never received money from the Ghana Football Association for any service. Professor Addy has repeatedly explained that none of the directors of the company knows or has dealt with Renee Williams, the supposed agent who represented the FA and Mid Sea on one hand and the Globacom Ghana on the other. .last_img read more