Motorola Xoom will cost 799 3G 600 WiFi

first_imgThere’s a lot of talk of the so-called Apple Tax, or the premium that a consumer pays to buy an Apple product. For almost a decade, stalwart Windows PC advocates have argued that buying a similarly-specced Apple desktop or laptop adds hundreds of dollars to the price of the machine. For what it’s worth, that argument is true, even though Apple enthusiasts will argue that you are paying for a more solidly constructed and reliable machine. Even so, you know where the Apple Tax doesn’t exist at all? With the iPad, because even a year after release, the competition still can’t seem to manage to release a decent Android tablet that matches the iPad WiFi 16GB’s $499 price.Case in point? The much-anticipated new Motorola Xoom, one of this year’s most admired Honeycomb tablets, is going to sell for nearly $800. That’s for the 3G version, obviously, but even the WiFi-only version will cost $600.These numbers are official. They come directly from Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha, who openly admits that Motorola can’t seem to compete with Apple’s tablet hardware without charging more.“Competing with Apple you have to deliver premium products,” said Jha. The thing is, while Apple manages to deliver premium tablets at a consumer price, the competition is releasing them at premium prices as well.The Motorola Xoom isn’t the only Android tablet coming in well above the price of the iPad: the HTC Flyer is now rumored to cost $730 when it launches. What we’re seeing here is the industry being caught with its pants down: Apple has invested heavily in the tablet supply chain, and they’ve dominated most of the parts. To eke out a tablet, the competition is simply having to pay a lot more to build one than Apple is… and it’s all about being behind the curve and letting Apple dictate the industry. Yeesh.Read more at Reuters.last_img read more