Extreme sledding is extremely unsafe but not as bad as DIY bungie

first_imgWelcome to Geek.com’s latest installment of obscure extreme sports! In this episode we’ll be covering extreme sledding, part of the motorsport genre within the larger family of Darwin Award-worthy sports.To take conventional sledding to the extreme you don’t need a mountain, halfpipe, or even an abandoned building, you just need a a sled, some snow, and a fast vehicle whose driver isn’t looking backwards very often. In the case above a French SNCF train was used, along with a sled that was able to ride between the tracks. The rider seems to have attached a rope to the train when it slowed down at a station and then ridden behind it–somehow without incident–until they got to the next station. A few friends of his were nice enough to ride alongside and film the event.As incredibly unsafe as this is, it seems relatively tame during the video. I have no doubt that the rider should have been scared out of his wits considering that an errant railway tie would have meant his almost certain demise, but I doubt a DIY bungie jumper would have even broken a sweat. In fact, this would probably seem like pleasant way to commute compared to that or flying inches from a cliff face in a wingsuit.via Devourlast_img read more