El Rayo and Baraja meet again

first_img“The experience was negative regarding results, but very important in terms of learning. It became the most complicated situation I’ve experienced so far. A club that descended from Primera, with many problems internally. A veteran costume with very high expectations and then the result in the field said otherwise“Baraja confessed in ‘The Coaches’ Voice’.Some arguments that he developed: “The majority of the block had been in Primera for four years and getting off is complex. The team was not able to achieve the expected level. When you sign, you are convinced that your work is going to work and you will get the players to follow you. However, the results were not given. I discovered that in a difficult situation, because you are there, it will not improve. It depends on many other factors. “Baraja will be measured this Sunday to his past, although there is only one survivor of the squad who trained in the current Ray: Santi Comesaña. Of course, the reunion will be impossible since the midfielder continues his recovery, after going through the operating room because of a pubalgia. The Galician was holder with the Pipo in two games (Almería and Mallorca) and entered the list of one (Valladolid). The Pipo He had to pack up leaving the sixteenth-century Frenchmen at a point of descent. Exactly in the same position and with the same difference with respect to the danger posts as with its predecessor. Hence, they will bet on Míchel to channel the situation. The rest is history. After that adventure, Baraja went through Sporting (2017-19) and now has the reins of Tenerife since day 19, with four wins, two draws and three losses. The paths of Rubén Baraja and el Rayo will come back together. The current Tenerife coach will meet his ex this Sunday at Heliodoro. One night, no doubt, special for him Pipo, what He sat on the bench for thirteen games in the 2016-17 season. His balance then was thirteen points, reaping three wins, four draws and six losses, with 12 goals in favor and 14 against.That was a convulsed campaign by Vallecas. After the descent, Lightning kept the bulk of the seedling and recovered Sandoval as a coach, but soon came the problems in the locker room that resulted in fifteen points in thirteen days (four wins, three draws and six losses, with 15 goals in favor and 17 against). With the team in sixteenth position and at a point of decline, he decided to make a change in the bench.Baraja was chosen and its main supporter was the sports director Ramón Planes, with whom he had already agreed in Elche. There he had left the eleventh ilicitano cadre (he touched the promotion playoff) and he was offered the renovation, but the coach finally declined. His stage at the Lightning was marked by poor results, his unattended requests in the winter market and his decision to leave different heavyweights off the list, always using sports motives.last_img read more