Love Shanghai index fell to 726 orange the upcoming season

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"orange" love Shanghai index fell to 726, if not mistaken, yesterday should still be around 800.

I have with the scarlet letter noted, from the beginning of October, navel orange immediately to the mature season, orange origin across the country will in the next two months have opened listed, users concerned about the sharp rise in the search for users including orange suppliers and buyers, and some of the media. Orange window is launched in December 14, 2011, in January 1, 2012, and ranked a few days from this site traffic feedback, the majority of users search aims to understand the navel orange market dynamics, which is a considerable number of farmers began looking for purchasing enterprises from the network. As far as I know, the hometown of navel orange mid unmarketable, along with the development of the Internet, as well as the news media reported, there have been a number of farmers to find a market awareness from the network. According to some media reports, Taobao has a few shops in the sale of orange Zigui, through the search engine to retrieve some fruit in the B2B site to open shops, supply information released, although scattered strength, not the size, but it’s still a good start. read more

s the inside pages of the need to strengthen the chain drive new pages and enhance the user experie

in the role of the chain is very powerful, can be very good to promote the keywords ranking. It can also help users find more valuable content in the chain and the role of the entrance, can enhance the web pages included and so on a series of benefits. But the chain is completely controllable, unlike the chain so uncontrollable. But in the early weight of a site within the chain chain high not only, but the website development to a certain stage, after the access to the search engine trust. In fact, strong chains in place is not less than the chain, in fact, today these are not I want to say, just want to make a foreshadowing. read more

The last straw Shanghai Longfeng not save site to wake up

above is from the direction of a large Shanghai dragon, in addition to a summary of characteristics of Shanghai Longfeng work, hope you can through an understanding of the characteristics of Shanghai dragon, there is a better criterion in the recruitment of the time, is no longer the Shanghai dragon myth, nor as a chicken ribs.

. Although as a basic link of marketing, but will affect all aspects of the work, this is no doubt. For example, online editing articles, for the site of modification and so on. read more

Love Shanghai crawl title and description tags snapshot

3, on the site title crawl into the link, the Shanghai dragon gu;

2, a NOODP label, adding meta name=" in head robots" content=" tag; noodp" and to support this tag search engines can play a role. Meta name=" robots" content=" noodp, noydir" this is restricted to all search engines, including Yahoo, Bing, noble baby, and as mentioned in the second paragraph, love Shanghai search engine is the label of unknown support.

1, usually a situation is: the search engine spiders crawl the site in the title tag, will temporarily store the title, then the entire page in order to grab crawling down, search engine and intelligent process accelerated, can now through the analysis of the algorithm, users must access habits, access keywords data were analyzed. If the analysis results and the actual deviation, is directly reflected in the above snapshot. read more

Results mportant Notice on report inquiryAnonymous social how to do Three tips for entrepreneurs

Admin5 union channel every day to see ah, a lot of money online information.

I started from the second half of 11 years to do the first project, Amoy powder bar, is an electricity supplier shopping guide, do okay. By the beginning of 14, I wanted to continue to do something about the electricity supplier. But at that time, reported a northern university students initiated the association to get up, boys and girls are paired with each other after wake up, see I think this model is very good, immediately open dry, the goddess of the app. read more

How to design the page footer proposal

site footer is connected with the bottom of the

4, using graphical elements


, what to write

on our website footer will add a contact, Links, services, information, or add the structure and content of the site navigation page links in the footer of web site. This is divided into columns and rows in the form of search engine spiders and make it easy for users to see.

5, pay attention to the contents of the readability of

for enterprise website and website even mainstream sites, will even enterprise information and website information in the footer, including copyright information and contact us, these information are told the website subject, there is a website and the company’s overall information team. read more

The website open speed reasons

7: use a lot of javas>

maybe some factors we can but incapable of action, and we still have to Wu do, perhaps a quick one or two seconds, will save a lot of traffic.

server softwareThe correct configuration of

software, and the software is stable, will affect the server environment, which affects the speed of the network. The server installation software firewall, will sacrifice some of the network speed, so VPS, or independent server users install a firewall is enough.

1: the minimum bandwidth network read more

The Shanghai dragon note in the process of website optimization

finally, page design is also very important. We should follow the standard layout using DIV+CSS. It is different from the traditional table layout, to separate the content and the effect of the code. The design of DIV+CSS site more in line with the W3C standard, more convenient search engine index. Also note that the reasonable layout of the keyword density, can not appear the phenomenon of keyword stuffing. In general the keywords of a page is kept between 2%-8% as appropriate.

Shanghai dragon to the realization of this paper is not to introduce the content, here is no longer too much. Here is the introduction mainly want to note the realization of Shanghai dragon, may give some new friends to bring some help. read more

Love Shanghai know ten Shanghai dragon issues most concern

Answer: now there are many online Shanghai dragon tutorial, basically says the site do Shanghai dragon after optimization, 1 months can be ranked. In this regard, Shanghai dragon dream to remind a Shanghai dragon optimization ranking does not mean that 1 months is an absolute value. According to different site types, different keywords optimization difficulty, after ranking time increased. As to why say 1 months this number, the main reason is the love Shanghai grab, included in the index released, the investigation about the time for 1 months, of course, depending on the content, effect of time will change. So, the Shanghai dragon optimization rankings this thing, do not be too impatient, general website optimization properly, three months is the most prominent. read more

How to do a comprehensive analysis of the website

is part of the website describes overall summary must sentence core keywords website can be one to two times in the description of the two best.

, a web page of

web page is used to do the long tail word, long tail word ranking is easy and very easy to say, as long as the site of reasonable structure, can effectively transfer the weight, the inside pages included in the later will have the good ranking. In the page design when we want to see in the title of the page design is reasonable.

2, page code redundancy, page structure read more