Home to join the successful investment in the case of a successful home investment experience

with the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, people’s consumption level is also in the development period, and now it is a good opportunity for entrepreneurs. Today, more and more women entrepreneurs with home accessories to join this project on the road to success, the following small site to share with you a successful experience, I hope to help you.

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Online transaction real name favorable consumer rights

recent rapid development of the Internet, making e-commerce has also been considerable development. In the trade of the network has penetrated into all aspects of social life today, before the low threshold of network transactions with the new regulations, the national policy for the first time clearly stated "online real name system", the news quickly attracted the attention of all walks of life.

State Administration for Industry and Commerce promulgated the "Interim Measures for the administration of commodity trading and related services" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures"), for the first time expressly provided that "the real name system". In the network transaction has penetrated into all aspects of social life today, the news quickly aroused the concern of all circles. Many network buyers have expressed their support, and that such a provision, so that they are more secure in the future online shopping. The seller is a different attitude. Economists said that the continued development of e-commerce is an inevitable trend, this direction will not change because of the real name system shop. What will happen to the new system will depend on the specific practice in the future implementation process. read more

Maternal and child supplies store location proposal

maternal and child supplies stores investment advantage is very obvious, this kind of store development potential, good market prospects. If you want to invest, to do a good job in the preparatory phase, choose a reasonable location. How to choose a suitable location? Many franchisees are interested in this issue, then learn to learn together with xiaobian.

baby stores store address because according to the condition of selected high visibility address set up shop in the street, as if you can have more traffic, can be selected in the two or three street intersection, to well-known brand, can see a glimpse of where. More importantly, that is, the surrounding traffic and communication conditions must be convenient, which has a significant impact on the consumer to shop shopping flow, frequency and density of passenger flow. To attract business trademark is a symbol you attract tourists, it can strengthen the consumption of store image, together can also play the effect of advertising is a good way to serve several purposes. read more

How to build a city of innovation in Hefei

with the rapid economic development, Hefei ushered in a new development, but when the economy to a certain extent, the bottleneck encountered in the development of the urgent need to break. So, how to build Hefei become the capital of innovation? "12th Five-Year" since, Hefei deepen reform and the release of the bonus, to strengthen and enhance the power of innovation, science and technology system reform, the mechanism of the new platform construction, enterprise innovation ability to promote the work of scientific and technological innovation strength significantly improved, to further enhance the brand innovation, highlighting the growing. read more

Special business premises where cigarettes are recommended

is different from the general retail stores, because of the location of the special location, leading to the operation of the cigarette should be taken with other shops will naturally have a lot of differences. And from the current situation of the operation of cigarettes in particular places, the operation is not good. So, what are the special places to operate cigarettes?

night misty, candle. You, and drink a cup of tea, I open the lamp black.

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Novice to open a good lighting store to have these three capabilities

people on the requirements of the decoration is very high, high-quality lighting products are what we need to open a lighting store, with good products to conquer the market. So novice how to open a good lighting store? With the following three capabilities, lighting franchise business better.

The ability to have a

, social communication. Build a network of contacts conducive to enterprise development. Lighting industry is inseparable from the opportunity to deal with all levels of society, every day began to deal with customers, including contact, treat, eat, chat, etc.. If there is no certain interpersonal skills, can not establish their own contacts in the business field, the enterprise marketing will not be carried out, in the lighting industry homogenization of today, under the same conditions, network is a very important resource. read more