Xining quality supervision system to actively carry out 3 15 law enforcement inspection activities

2012 "3· 15" international consumer rights protection day to the end, the Xining Municipal Bureau of quality supervision from comprehensively promote quality promotes a province, the implementation of corporate responsibility system, crack down on fake and shoddy products, services of local economic development, actively carry out the inspection of law enforcement and publicity and consultation activities.

the bureau closely around the "four development" and to ensure food, special equipment and personnel of the "three security" for the bottom line, and actively carry out quality supervision sword "fake agricultural countryside" action, food safety inspection and other activities in key areas. Quality supervision of "fake agricultural countryside" sword action will be based on the actual choice within the jurisdiction of 15 administrative villages, villages and fields, farmers on site to distinguish false knowledge, on-site acceptance farmers complaints, collect clues, pay close attention to kengnonghainong illegal case processing. At the same time, to further expand the "thousands of villages, into thousands of households, pumping thousands of" the scope of activities of agricultural case do quick check, fast, fast food for node; key areas, will carefully organize the dairy products, food additives, alcohol, meat products, edible vegetable oil safety inspection, a heavy increase comprehensive governance. At the same time, increase the enterprise quality supervision business personnel training, improve the law enforcement personnel daily frequency of inspections and urge enterprises to establish and improve the quality and safety control system, strict food source management, enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises. During the event, the Council will further give full play to the role of safety supervision and management team and special equipment safety monitoring platform for various types of special equipment for the whole process, real-time, effective, dynamic tracking supervision. To further strengthen cooperation with technical institutions, organize cylinders, pressure vessel, plant machinery, elevator, recreational facilities, emergency drills, in order to avoid major risk as the focus, for different enterprises, different industries and different regions to further promote the implementation of the classification regulation mode. At the same time, strengthen the "12365" 24 hours of receiving complaints, and timely analysis of clues, early prevention, early detection, early investigation, for Xining city to build the "life of the city, and make a positive contribution to the city of happiness". read more

Situation of education in Xining private enterprises

The afternoon of July 30th, concentric – Boao candle "to donate the signing ceremony was held in Qinghai Kunlun middle school

7 the afternoon of 30 March, "concentric · candlelight Boao donate a signing ceremony was held in Qinghai Kunlun middle school. Provincial vice chairman of the NLD Qinghai Provincial Committee Chairman Bao Yizhi, Vice Minister of the United Front Work Department of the provincial Party committee Liao Wenshun, the provincial education department director Wang Xuan, the NLD Qinghai provincial full-time vice chairman Cheng Su, municipal committee, Municipal Publicity Department, city union chairman Wang Hong, deputy director of municipal people’s Congress Gao Yu, municipal CPPCC Vice Chairman Zhang Ying and other provincial and municipal the Department’s leadership, the city’s high school principals, teachers and students on behalf of more than 300 people attended the donation ceremony. read more

Xining to South Asia and Central Asia route is expected to open this year

if the sign of the cosmopolitan city is the flight number and international routes access rate, the capital of Xining is located in the inland areas, is because of a number of international and regional routes open, gradually increasing influence. Reporters learned from the Provincial Department of Commerce, this year, the province will strive to open up a number of international routes, increase the intensity of international flights in Xining.

Provincial Department of Commerce, the relevant person in charge, last year, the province to promote the relevant departments of the port information exchange, mutual recognition of the law enforcement, law enforcement mutual customs clearance construction, and constantly improve the level of customs clearance services. On the basis of consolidating Xining to Seoul, Bangkok, Taipei, and in the year to achieve the Xining – Hongkong route navigation. read more

Xining main street to achieve mechanized cleaning to improve the quality of cleaning

every night, when the general public has already entered the dreamland, four in Xining city road respectively wash the car in the provincial capital of 54 street, Bridge Street, Ning Road, mutual Road, Nanshan Road and other main roads. After washing the car, the nozzle ejected a huge water column instantly clean the road. At present, a total of 57 main roads in the city to implement mechanized cleaning, washing operations.

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Xining with the radio sunshine hotline asked the government to the people of the 17 functional depar

July 23rd, sponsored by the Xining Municipal People’s livelihood situation · happy city · China dream, turn style, improve the efficiency, promote the people’s livelihood projects, the construction of happy Xining "broadcast live large politics activities held in the town square of Xining.


of this event to accept supervision by the masses, listen to the voice of the people, to build a Harmonious Society for the purpose, set up a bridge of understanding and communication between the government and the masses, through all-round, multi-channel exchanges, focusing on the people concerned about the "difficult" problem, for the people to dispel misunderstanding, acceptance of the complaint. Accept criticism, open the. In the relevant departments of the government leadership and people communicate, listen to public opinion, the Department of wisdom, the solution of the people, promote the government more efficient to serve the people, to "turn style, improve the efficiency of the target. read more

Ruthless rule Yong lazy luxury Xining city to the sword as

from February 18th to 22, the Xining Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection in conjunction with the municipal Party committee, municipal government supervises the room two office (Office), organization and personnel departments deployed 24 cadres composed of 9 inspection teams to carry out the "turn style, improve the efficiency of" thorough investigation work, focusing on the 162 municipal units, county departments and units, window service the unit of work after the discipline, the cadres and workers of the mental state have conducted unannounced visits, and in March 1st the city’s bureaucracy thorough investigation briefing. read more

Xining city built 12 emergency shelter

is the use of emergency shelter in city parks, green space, square, stadium and other open space construction with "integrated design and comprehensive utilization of" public places, is the main place for emergency response to the earthquake disaster and emergency evacuation resettlement victims. The construction of emergency shelter is an important content to improve the ability of comprehensive disaster prevention and mitigation, and to improve the construction of emergency rescue system. In 2004, the State Council on the "notice" on the strengthening of earthquake disaster reduction work makes clear that "planning combined with the city square, greenbelt, park construction, set up emergency evacuation routes and the necessary shelter,……". The city is the capital city, with a population of about 2000000, is the province’s political, economic and cultural center, in order to ensure the rapid and orderly evacuation of personnel after the occurrence of sudden disaster events. In 2006, the municipal government issued the "Xining Municipal People’s government emergency public emergency plan", requiring the district (county) government to designate or establish the population density, the size of the city to adapt to emergency shelters. read more

Restaurant fume pollution will be punished

In recent years, with the popularity of private kitchens, hidden in some buildings in the catering industry, the fume pollution Xunde citizens repeatedly complain. In this regard, the day before at the fifteenth session of the thirty-first meeting of the Standing Committee, Xining City air pollution control ordinance passed "(hereinafter referred to as the" Regulations ") included in the" regulations, food service establishments smoke pollution ".

it is reported that the "Regulations" article fifty-sixth pointed out that food service establishments should be taken to set up special fume emission channel, install fume purification equipment and other management measures, to ensure that the pollution discharge standards. The discharge port of the special oil fume discharge channel shall be higher than that of adjacent buildings or access to the public flue. City built in residential buildings, not supporting the establishment of a dedicated flue residential building, commercial building and residential layer adjacent to the commercial floors, prohibit new construction, renovation and expansion of fumes and pollution of catering, bathing and other service establishments.

"Regulations" seventy-seventh article pointed out that the operators of the catering services industry is not installed fume purification and odor treatment facilities or online monitoring facilities, not to keep the normal operation of facilities, not on a regular basis, fume purification or odor treatment facilities for cleaning maintenance and record keeping in accordance with the provisions of the environmental protection departments shall be ordered to stop the illegal behavior. The pollution was serious, punishable by two hundred yuan to three thousand yuan fine; pollution serious, punishable by three thousand yuan to fifty thousand yuan fine. City built in residential buildings, not supporting the establishment of a dedicated flue residential building, commercial building and residential layer adjacent to the commercial floors in the construction, reconstruction and extension of exhaust fumes, odor, catering, bathing and other services, the competent authority shall order rectification of market management; refuse to correct, it shall be closed down. Impose a fine of ten thousand yuan to one hundred thousand yuan fine.   read more

The city under the changing style of the real thing

to the municipal Party committee, the municipal government and the office of the name of the document issued by a decline of 12%, two sessions spending fell by 36.7% year on year, official hospitality fell by 35.7%…… Since the party’s mass line educational practice activities, the city of Xining as the second batch of educational practice activities in the region, no wait, to focus on the "five early", "the real thing" turn style, earnestly educational practice all the preparatory work, a smooth start to lay a solid foundation for the city to carry out the party’s mass line education practice. read more

This year Xining will invest 5 billion people enjoy the feast of the people of the six

the Spring Festival just ended, the municipal government will end a livelihood feast: this year, the city will invest 5 billion 82 million 310 thousand yuan to promote the six categories of 38 practical livelihood. All along, the municipal government has always attached great importance to the livelihood of the people, sincerely for the city people to do practical, problem-solving things, good things, a series of "people’s livelihood into the real thing", so that people really feel the benefits. And in 2014, the livelihood of the people and what dishes? People can taste what tangible benefits? read more