Spanish Press Says Ronaldo’s Friendship With Badr Hari Is Controversial

New York – According to Spain’s famous newspaper El Mundo, the close friendship between Portuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo and Moroccan Kickboxing Champion Badr Hari is a “controversial” one.Following Ronaldo’s epic vacation in Marrakech earlier this month, the two friends have expressed their happiness by traveling together and spending a great time in the Red City.Morocco’s ‘Golden Boy’ and CR7 took on to their social media accounts and posted pictures of them enjoying their weekend. The Real Madrid star wrote his first ever post in Arabic to thank Morocco and was smiling in every picture and video from his Moroccan getaway.However, when ‘The People’s Champion’ posted a photo carrying Ronaldo in the poolside, captioned: “Just Married…Always there to pick you up bro,” the Spanish press criticized Badr Hari and called their friendship “controversial.”El Mundo cited Badr Hari’s past, saying that the Moroccan is a man who “threatens” others, is considered “irritable,” “aggressive,” “physically violent.” The Spanish newspaper went on to add that the Moroccan athlete is accused of “attempted murder,” and has an “intimidating” personality described as “because-you-know-who-I-am.”The 30-year-old Champion has never hidden his past and often visits prisons in Morocco to encourage and empathize with inmates. In August, he said at a jail in Kenitra, “I experienced the same thing, I know exactly how you feel but nobody is perfect and to err is human.”“…It’s time to show people that I am not that prisoner anymore […] Never lose hope and tenaciously defend your dream. Never allow others to demoralize you,” he said.The Spanish press forgot to mention that the Kenitra native’s Badr Hari Association and the Badr Hari Foundation made a donation last January to operate on 200 patients in one week, mainly children, women and the elderly.He also donated 200 sheep to needy families during Eid Al-Adha and is funding the expansion of a small school in a poor neighborhood in Kenitra, among other charities funded by him.Morocco’s ‘Golden Boy’ might have erred in the past and paid the consequences, but his present and future deserve recognition.Cristiano Ronaldo seems to appreciate and value his friend regardless of what anybody says.

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