British Royal Couple to Receive Moroccan Culinary Artist Khalid Dahbi

Rabat – Dahbi will be honored for his charity work in the UK and Morocco, and especially for his noble efforts following the London disaster of Grenfell Tower catching t fire on 14 June 2017.To show compassion, Dahbi invited the Grenfell Tower survivors to an evening where they were served a 4-course Moroccan inspired menu cooked by him. Further meetings were held in the following days of the tragedy and were meant to help the survivors forget at least for one night what they have been through and enjoy Moroccan cuisine. Dahbi is expected to be received by Britain’s royal couple Sunday evening at the residence of the British ambassador in Rabat.Who is Khalid Dahbi?Khalid Dahbi is a Moroccan chef and entrepreneur originally from Rabat who left his family and beloved country behind at the age of 16 to travel to Europe to build his own career.Despite being from a wealthy family, Dahbi did not want to live under its shadow and headed to Geneva, Switzerland, to work as a volunteer.After studying business management and volunteering in workcamps for children and needy people, Dahbi went then to study culinary arts in Naples, Italy.Dahbi’s professional journey began in France. The Moroccan chef worked first as a cook before collecting experience to work as a chef in the country’s top restaurants, including Le Meurice and L’Arpege.In 1999, Dahbi settled in London and worked with the best chefs there, such as Gordon Ramsay, Macro Pierre White, and Jamie Oliver, among others.Dahbi’s experience in culinary arts enabled him to become a Resident chef at the Quintessentially Group, a British concierge company founded in 2000.On June 2018, Dahbi established his own restaurant in Central London called Beso Moorish. The restaurant presents Mediterranean dishes with each one having a story to tell about all the places he had been.Dahbi is also the first Moroccan in the UK to import the finest caviar in the world through his company, KD Luxury. The company sells also products with 24 karat gold.Additionally, Dahbi did not limit himself only on preparing delicious dishes, but his skills go beyond that, as he is a fashion designer and the first to design a handbag made from python and crocodile skin through a line called Antoine Amato.

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