Farm Show Unique cows popular with farmers on beef livestock qualities

They’re not your usual cows.The black and white speckled bovines – named, aptly, “speckled park” cows – were turning heads at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show this week.But the striking cows are more than just cute:The Canadian Speckled Park Association has attended the farm show for several years, said member and speckled park cow owner Alex Steele. They use speckled park cows on his farm in Thamesford, and use the show as an opportunity to raise awareness.“There have been a few coming to Ontario. They’re limited but gaining ground quite quickly,” Steele said.The breed originated in Saskatchewan, and was formally recognized in 2006. Steele said that, locally, even more farmers are starting to use them.The cows are used for beef, and part of what makes them popular is their carcass quality. The breed produces high-quality beef and have a high-yield carcass. They also have their calves easily and gain weight well.“It will be equal, if not better, (than Black Angus beef),” Steele said in response to a farmer who wondered about the quality.On Wednesday, the cows were popular with farmers – who had questions about weight, carcass quality and breed characteristics – as well as kids, who were curious about their distinctive features and delighted in their many “moooooos.”“Their temperaments are considered quite good. They’re great,” Steele said. “They’ve been to many fairs.”And the breed’s tagline? “Not trying to fit in…born to stand out.”

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