White and black iPhones are the same thickness says Consumer Reports

first_imgCalipers don’t lie, but sometimes perspectives do. According to measurements by Consumer Reports, the white and black versions of the Apple iPhone are exactly the same thickness. This supports Apple’s claim that the devices are the same size, and refutes stories swirling around tech blogs that the white iPhone is slightly larger.News broke last week that the white iPhone was slightly larger than the black version, to the tune of 0.2mm, and photos circulated around the web of the two devices resting next to one another, clearly showing one larger than the other. Shortly after, Apple issued a statement claiming the two devices were the same size.AdChoices广告Apple SVP of Product Marketing Phil Shiller claimed that people shouldn’t “believe all the junk that you read” in a Twitter conversation with an iPhone owner who questioned him about the size difference, including a photo for illustration.Now, Consumer Reports has gotten into the fray, and broken out a pair of high-quality calipers to measure the two devices side by side, and sure enough, both white and black iPhones come in at 0.37 inches. Still, the photos that have circulated the web remain, and unless they’re just bad perspective or an oddly placed photo, it’s still possible that someone out there has a white iPhone that’s slightly bigger than their black one.Consumer Reports went on to claim that they tried a number of different cases with both phones, and had no issue with hard-shelled cases with soft sides and hard cases with firm sides: both types of case fit both iPhones without a problem.With both Apple and Consumer Reports saying the two phones are identical, it’s unlikely we’ll hear much more on the issue. It’s also unlikely that worries over case size will amount to any manufacturing changes. Still, even if someone out there has a white iPhone that’s 0.2mm thicker than their old black one, they can trust it should still fit their old case.Read more at Consumer Reportslast_img

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