The iPhone 5 concept Apple would love to make

first_imgIt’s not going to be long now before speculation about the iPhone 5 kicks into high gear. A launch is expected before the year is over, and we are already expecting a larger display, a thinner phone, and a new, smaller dock connector. Other than that, it’s unlikely Apple will change much. Why would they when the iPhone is so recognizable and popular?But Apple always likes to push the boundaries and raise our expectations ever higher–just look at what they did to the MacBook Pro display last week. So if they could surprise everyone with an unexpected feature, and it made the phone stand out next to the competition, you bet it would make the final design.The concept video above, created by Adney Films, will certainly turn a few heads if it gets played for the iPhone design team. Apple is always trying to be minimalist in the design decisions it takes, and what’s more minimalist than a display that’s completely clear?I think we can all agree that the iPhone 5 is going to look nothing like the piece of hardware shown off in this video. It’s way too thin for today’s components to fit inside, and there’s no way to create a completely clear smartphone even if clear batteries may be coming along soon. But you have to add the word “yet” on to the end of those statements.Apple is leading the way in gadget design, and in particular glass manufacturing. It wasn’t by accident that they managed to get the screen on the new MacBook Pro with Retina Display down to just 7mm thick.If Jonathan Ive could make the display, and therefore the iPhone completely transparent, would he? I suspect so, and I’d put money on Apple achieving such a breakthrough before anyone else. As for when it arrives, we could be waiting for the iPhone 8 or 9 to be pulled out of Tim Cook’s pocket on stage a few years from now.last_img

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