Google Nexus 7 Tablet confirmed by Asus exec

first_imgWhile we can’t say for sure whether the Nexus 7 tablet will look like the image we saw two days ago — or even whether the leaked hardware specs were on target — we do know this. Google is definitely releasing a tablet, and Asus is helping them bring it to market. How do we know? Because an Asus executive confirmed as much to Reuters.The unnamed exec also confirmed that the tablet was built to take on the Kindle Fire, which certainly makes sense. It’s not exactly an ideal scenario for Google that the best-selling Android-based tablet on the market ships with a third-party app store and none of their default apps installed. With a Nexus tablet on offer, Google is no doubt hoping to lead the way for their other OEM partners and show them that it’s possible to build a successful Android tablet. All it takes is the right mix of hardware, software, and, of course, a competitive price.It’s a strategy that worked for Android phones, with the original G1 paving the way. It’s also the same strategy Microsoft is employing with the Surface, though they’ve chosen to go after a more difficult target: the iPad.For Google, however, kickstarting the next generation of Android tablets with a lower-cost device is the most logical move — the Kindle Fire has proven that people want an alternative tablet that doesn’t command the iPad premium. It’s also a move that can yield big returns down the road as users make purchases from Google Play and sign on for additional storage for their Google Drive accounts.More at Reuterslast_img

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