Uncovered Google creating a Nexus Call Center for device support

first_imgClick to enlargeOne of the big complaints surrounding the Nexus 7Best Price at Amazon launch was the lack of customer support when dealing with the device. Google was not initially prepared to handle the volume of users that required support, which led to an increase in wait time for callers who needed solutions. Then once you exceeded the two week purchase window, all warranty needs fell to Asus, and Google was not to be involved. This was a confusing process that led to many unhappy users, but it could be fixed soon. We’ve recently received word from a source that now Google is using a third party company to staff a call center for the release of the next Nexus devices.Recruiters have been visiting Bay Area campuses looking for Android enthusiasts willing to come work for Google within the next few weeks. Applicants are not being told specifically what the position is for until after the applications are submitted, though the advertisement makes it fairly clear who they are applying to work for. At this time Google has no mention of these positions anywhere on their website.We’re told that Google plans to have the call center fully staffed and trained by the end of the month. This falls in line with what has been reported regarding Google’s plans to announce their next device.A Nexus Call Center staffed by Android enthusiasts would enable Google to handle a wide variety of issues, not just basic hardware and software defects, as they did with the Nexus 7 support. Google is clearly using back channels to ramp up for a major launch, which could also point to the original rumors that there would be multiple Nexus devices released this season.last_img

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