Hello Kitty Friends Coloring Book Review All Your Friends Are Here

first_img There’s a wide selection of “adult” coloring books out there for those of us who want a little more quality beyond the confines of whatever’s on the shelf at the dollar store. No matter what you’re into, whether it’s the Golden Girls or even Destiny, there’s a coloring book for you. But you don’t have to worry about having all “adult” options, fortunately. There are plenty of whimsical coloring options still left out there for those of us who want to color fun things that aren’t meant for fine-tipped pens only.Viz’s Hello Kitty & Friends Coloring Book fits that niche nicely, offering a pretty, 10 x 10 book with 96 pages of coloring packed with characters like Hello Kitty (of course), Keroppi, Chococat, My Melody, and a glut of other familiar Sanrio favorites.It’s sophisticated enough so that you don’t have to be embarrassed when you pull it out of your bag with a few sets of awesome markers or colored pencils, yet whimsical enough that it does Hello Kitty and the rest of the Sanrio cast justice. Not that you should be embarrassed because you have a Hello Kitty coloring book, because who cares? But if that’s the kind of thing you really concern yourself with, know that it’s understated and low-key enough to be appropriate as a gift for anyone self-conscious about their coloring materials.The pages are clean and crisp, and there’s a good variety of different characters on each page to color, along with intricate designs if that’s what you like coloring. Some folks can get a bit frustrated with the seemingly endless variety of abstract imagery out there in adult coloring book land, but Viz has done a good job of catering to Sanrio fans with this release. I found some of the cuter arrangements that were less ornate, like Hello Kitty waving at us from a small house, or frolicking in the rain, were some of my favorite scenes to draw.As far as the paper thickness goes, I used Sharpies to color most of my pictures, which typically bleed through lesser-quality coloring books, but I didn’t have a problem even coloring directly in the book. I was pretty pleased, especially since the book runs about $16 via most retailers. Bleeding is something that can always be avoided with these higher-quality books, so I’m glad that Viz took the time to make sure that wouldn’t be an issue here.If you’re a Hello Kitty fan or if you just like adult coloring books, you’ll find something to like about the Hello Kitty & Friends Coloring Book. You can grab it for a Sanrio fan you love and color into the New Year.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Stay on target Hello Kitty Heads to Hollywood With Her First Film DealAdamTots Presents: Deepmind Sanrio last_img

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