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first_img Buy This Comic: DEATH ORB #1Buy This Comic: MAN-EATERS #1 “It’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer if the villains were big pharma. Scout Turner works as a cryptozoologist, examining and cataloging supernatural creatures for scientific purposes. When she discovers the cure for asthma in the venom of a new breed of monster, she quickly finds herself on the run from Kenilworth Pharmaceuticals and the monsters that they’ve hired to kill her. With no one by her side but her clueless assistant, a morally ambiguous succubus, and her geriatric dog, Scout goes on the run… but in a world controlled by money and drugs, can she escape the reaching claws of a medical monopoly?”BREATHLESS #1(W): Pat Shand (A): Renzo Rodriguez (C): Mara Jayne Carpenter (L): Jim CampbellMany comics have had me raising an eyebrow before reading. I’m a naturally curious human, so when comics like Breathless come around, my interest immediately perks for what this comic does. Breathless #1 does precisely what the title says. It will leave you breathless. At first, you may be wondering how supernatural, medical and science all mix in together. In the hands of Pat Shand (we did a great interview with him) and his Breathless team, they mix with perfect harmony that leaves you holding your breath until the very last page.via Black MaskPat Shand knows how to make the odd extraordinary and the bizarre so compelling. At first read, you’d squint at the premise of Breathless, but when you dive in, you just can’t get enough. Shand is a fantastic creator who never shies away from creating stories that he wants to develop. You can tell how passionate he is about his stories and what he wants to do with them. With Breathless, Shand creates an odd mix of big pharmaceutical with the supernatural. He creates a feeling of dread in whats going to happen but excitement for what you may see. You don’t know who to trust in this world. You don’t know what they’ll do to get what our lead characters have discovered.Shand also presents a natural flow to his narrative. He writes Breathless as if it’s an episode for a TV that slowly develops its world. In the first issue, he happily gives you a taste of what you’ll see not leaving any of the details of this world or slows down. Instead, he sets up the horror by players and amps up the board they have to move within.The thing about Breathless that quickly stands out is its characters. Shand knows how to write compelling characters. He particularly knows how to develop strong female characters. He knows how to grow them by saying things without saying handing it over to readers on a silver platter. Shand understands how characters can be apart of an organic story without really explaining much about them. Even in a supernatural world, every role is essential to the story, and you can tell how much he puts into these characters.via Black MaskRenzo Rodriguez brings this narrative to life with his stunning and incredibly intricate art. Rodriguez’s knows how to work hand in hand with Shand’s story. He brings that oddness and working it into visuals that you can’t help but lock into while reading. Rodriguez’s art excels even deeper when it comes to the character designs. Each one of them carries their personality and the distinct things about them that carry over when Shand’s writing and Campbell’s lettering brings it even more to life. You find yourself adoring the characters a little bit more. You lean into them because of his art, running your eyes through the details and soaking in all of what Rodriguez has to offer this story.Complimenting Rodriguez’s killer art is Mara Jayne Carpenter on colors. Carpenter blends in natural and unnatural light and darkness to this comic. She mixes in her brand of artificial, natural and shadows to Rodriguez’s art, making this comic seem all too real. It creates that kind of mood as well. The artificial lights in the lab look so natural, even when our characters are outside and hidden in shadows. Carpenter does a phenomenal job of taking the strange setting and turning it into something that could happen every day, which is even scarier tbh. Even when Carpenter greats us with the unusual neon colors of the creatures, it feels like you’re apart of this world, but can get swallowed up at any time.via Black MaskLast but certainly not least, Jim Campbell places where the characters and the moments throughout the issue have the chance to shine. Campbell does an extraordinary job to this story by highlighting the characters and the panels, guiding your eyes from each one seamlessly. He also places where he guides your eyes to the bigger picture after his placements.Breathless #1 is a unique and highly bizarre story that will you with grabby hands for the next issue. Its an absorbing story filled with engrossing characters, an unusual setting and full-on horror for everyone. Breathless #1 is now available on Comixology and your local comic shop.3/28/18 Releases – In addition to Breathless #1, here’s a list of other new titles that came out this week that you should be reading.Goosebumps: Download and Die #1 by Jen Vaughn (W), Michelle Wong (A), Triona Tree Farrell (C), Christa Miesner (L) IDWAbbott #3 by Saladin Ahmed (W), Sami Kivela (A), Jason Wordie (C), Jim Campbell (L), BOOM! StudiosCyber Force #1 by Matt Hawkins & Bryan Hill (W), Atilio Rojo (A), Troy Peteri (L) Top Cow/Image ComicsRetcon Vol. 1 by Matt Nixon (W), Toby Cypress (A), Matt Krotzer (L) Image ComicsWWE: Then. Now. Forever Vol. 1 by Various (W), Various (A) BOOM! 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