Toni first came to Arcosanti for his workshop in M

first_imgToni first came to Arcosanti for his workshop in March 1999. He joined the staff and worked here over the years in many capacities. If we look back at all the connections with Italian participants, including special workshops with Roma Tre, Mendrisio, and Reggio Calabria, he brought a lot of Italian energy to the project [swr].He became a very close friend to Paolo Soleri and was one of the people that stayed with him a lot of the time before his death. Most recently he worked with us in the Soleri Archives for the past years, translating some of the Italian publications about Soleri, notably “Soleri. La Formazione Giovanile 1933-1946” book by Antonietta Iolanda Lima.Even so he only spent part of the year with us, he was an intricate part of our archive team and we will miss his quiet presence, good laughs and serious scholarship, and hard work always, very much committed to Soleri’s and our Quest.Whether it was serious work or discussion, helping with recycling, cleaning the chicken coop, whatever the task, he set an example of enthusiasm and involvement, as well as getting the job done propperly. And he was a pleasure to work with, no stress or bullshit, just easy to the task at hand. We will miss you. Fortune smiled on us to have had you as part of our team and Arco family. June 9, 2017Our dear friend and college Toni Fragiacomo died yesterday. We received the news that he passed away peacefully at home with his family in Italy.There is so much to be said about this lovely man that was part of our crew for many years. News of his sudden passing is bringing back shock and sadness from his friends around the world. last_img

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