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A Missouri woman kept her autistic son in a field for days without food," smokes a cigarette in her enclosure at the Centra..VIEW MOREWong Maye-E—AP1 of 4WorldPETA Isn’t Happy About That Smoking Chimp in North KoreaAndrew KatzOct 19 2016Yes that’s a real chimpanzee smoking a real cigarette Zoo officials in Pyongyang told the Associated Press during a visit on Wednesday that she doesn’t inhale but animal rights activists still aren’t pleasedThe 19-year-old female chimpanzee named Azalea—her Korean nickname is “Dallae”—smokes about a pack each day and can light them herself when tossed a lighter or an already-lit cigarette from a trainer AP reports Pictures from the visit shot by longtime AP photographer Wong Maye-E garnered attention and prompted a sharp rebuke from advocates against animal abuse“How cruel to willfully addict a chimpanzee to tobacco for human amusement" PETA President Ingrid Newkirk said in a statement released to TIME "Gradually zoos are learning that spectacles like chimpanzee tea parties elephant rides and photo ops with tiger cubs are inappropriate and exploitive with the big question now being why are we keeping wild animals behind bars at all”Wong based in Singapore became the organization’s lead photographer in North Korea in 2014 She and Eric Talmadge the AP’s Pyongyang bureau chief try to make monthly visits into the country for about 10 days each Part of that includes covering mass staged events but she also hopes to lift the veil and focus on daily life or the quieter momentsRead more: Peek inside North Korea through a new set of eyesAlongside colleagues who were visiting on a business trip Wong and Talmadge went to the zoo that had reopened over the summer and now welcomes thousands of daily visitors AP noted that renovations to the zoo built in 1959 began two years back in an effort by leader Kim Jong Un to construct additional leisure centers around PyongyangIn an email with TIME she described how the scene unfolded The exhibit is simple with a moat separating people from the enclosure and a handful of visitors from school children to the elderly were in that area as the keeper shouted instructions at Dallae"She would perform little tricks like touch her nose bow and raise her arms to greet visitors He would also break into a little tune for her and she would circle round as if she was dancing" she added "Then later on he asked a member of the audience for a cigarette and a lighter He threw the cigarette into the exhibit and after she went to pick it up he made her gesture with two hands out as he threw a lighter to her She then lit her cigarette and then threw the lighter back towards the keeper who was standing among the visitors still It seemed to be a routine and part of the entertainment factor It was part of her ‘song and dance’ number"Wong said zoo-goers were amused laughing at the sight in front of them"I did not see anyone mortified" she added "People seemed to be entertained and laughed in delight when she started to puff the cigarette and then light a fresh cigarette with the previous one Some of them were taking pictures with their cell phones some took video off their phones too Many seemed just amazed that a chimpanzee could smoke a cigarette"IDEAS Pilon is vice president for legal affairs at the Cato Institute and founding director of Cato’s Robert A Levy Center for Constitutional Studies The circus surrounding the Supreme Court nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh has shown beyond any doubt how deeply divided America is And when the dust settles well still be divided So too will be the Court To see why and how we got here we need to start at the beginning In a nutshell our founding documents were designed mainly to secure liberty under limited government especially after the Civil War amendments were added to the Constitution checking what states could do We didnt always abide by those ideals but generally we lived life in the private sector our relationships ordered by common-law principles of property and contract Early 20th century progressives rejected that vision fundamentally They wanted to promote social and economic change through statutory law But the courts rejected much of that legislation on constitutional grounds most sharply during President Franklin Roosevelts first term After his landslide reelection in 1936 he tried to pack the Supreme Court with six new members Congress rejected the scheme but the Court got the message Over the next few years the Court opened the floodgates for the modern redistributive and regulatory state reduced economic liberty to a second-class status and in 1943 allowed Congress to delegate ever more of its legislative power to the executive-branch agencies Congress had been creating Today this is where much of our law is writtennot by Congress but by unelected bureaucrats The Constitution was thus turned on its head and politicized As statutory policies replaced common-law principles things have grown only more complicated In short while the Court was "active" in authorizing these changes it was essentially deferential to Congress the president and the states which allowed government to grow unchecked by constitutional constraints That posture would change in the 1950s however when the Court finally turned to civil rights But not all of that liberal activism was grounded in the Constitution as with the Courts 1973 abortion decision and that led to a conservative backlash Thus we now had two jurisprudential schools: liberals urging "judicial activism" to promote "evolving liberal values" conservatives urging "judicial restraint" making peace essentially with the New Deal Courts deference to the political branches With the election of Ronald Reagan the conservative school came to the foreand the brutal fight over his nomination of Robert Bork to the Court in 1987 saw all of these forces collide beginning a three-decades-long battle for control of the Court But neither camp is grounded in the Constitution as understood during our first 150 years Both have bought into the New Deal courts rejection of limited governmentliberals because they like it conservatives because they think it a lost cause Yet those vast government programs still deeply divide us Were divided also when it comes to our rights Liberals tend to invent rights from whole cloth like to all manner of government serviceswhile disparaging economic liberty Meanwhile conservatives would allow legislative majorities to run roughshod over many personal rights like the right to marry whomever you want or to smoke whatever you wish Is there any hope for reconciliation Theres a third libertarian school that began slowly emerging in the 1980s urging a restoration of our founding principles Its had a noticeable effect on the two dominant camps while standing apart from them When the Court checked Congresss regulatory power in 1995 for example liberals screamed When it upheld certain gay rights in 2003 conservatives screamed Libertarians stood behind both decisions as consistent with the Constitution But for the moment the battles continue The growth of government has politicized so much in life including those matters that once were sorted out privately under the easily understood principles like property and promise that allowed for liberty to flourish When politics determines the ordinary issues of lifejobs retirement health care day care education housing and moreand the political battles over those end up in the courts its no wonder that were in a battle for the Supreme Court and that those who fear losing the battle resort to desperate means The founders understood this which is why they left most of life beyond governments reach Its time to start rethinking whether we want to be "all in this together" dependent on a government that is increasingly dysfunctional and going broke However the issues immediately before us are resolved we need to focus on the bigger constitutional questions underlying them This article appears in the Oct 8 2018 issue of TIME Contact us at [email protected] IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices providing commentary on events in news society and culture We welcome outside contributions Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editors are 60% to 110% higher in total than previously thought. Asked whether the commission had a court warrant to detain him beyond the 48 hours prescribed by law, “However, His team says a replacement is ready to go at Bezos’s command.chief minister Ajit Jogi’s alliance with the BSP would pose a tough challenge for the Congress. under the aegis of Coalition of Northern Youths, Mo. What gave me my strength is not the information I got in school.

Some workers suffered minor injuries that McNamee characterized as first aid cases. “We asked them many times for weapons but they gave us only promises. national leader of the All Progressives Congress,上海龙凤419Brittney,By Philip Elliott and Sam Frizell His unlikely crusade became a genuine campaign” Axvig said. Officers Jerad Dixon and Richard Webb fired on Chaz Michael Havenor,according to the National Interagency Fire Center in Boise Dr. 000 worth of bank notes. two years after I conceptualised it.

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The group’s leader,上海419论坛Natividad," the center wrote on Facebook. Some of us might have got a bit too eager yesterday when temperatures were well into the 20s and got a bit burned.

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