The Leganés had advanced to Bacca if the RFEF had let him sign

first_imgLack of time in JanuarySources consulted by As confirm that Leganés worked on the incorporation of a striker since Monday, February 10, when Barça first communicated its interest in Braithwaite. Although the Cucumber entity had serious doubts that the RFEF would authorize the signing, an attempt was made to close a substitute for guarantees in case Las Rozas reconsidered and ended up accepting Leganés’ request. The company was not simple, especially considering what it had cost to find some spare part for En Nesyri even with the winter market open. Bacca’s case, however, offered an alternative that did not occur with the window open. The signing of Alcácer by Villarreal took place on the afternoon of January 30, with just 36 hours for the market to close. There was no time for the parties involved to negotiate then. Now, however, there was that margin. And the pact was quick and simple. Everything was channeled shortly after the signing of Braithwaite was official, driven by Bacca’s desire to have the minutes that Javi Calleja cannot give him now. A panorama that now remains in mere stage of stone cardboard. Meanwhile, Leganés has almost 100% ruled out signing a free player because of the short adaptation time that reinforcement would have and because most players in this situation are far from the physical form that high competition demands in the middle of March . The Leganés had a principle of agreement with Villarreal and Carlos Bacca for the 33-year-old Colombian forward to become Martin Braithwaite’s replacement after obtaining permission from the Spanish Federation (RFEF) to sign a substitute. The draft agreement between all parties was a transfer until the end of the season in which the Madrid would assume the entire salary that was left to pay the player. Ram emoluments are one of the highest in the Yellow Submarine. The agreement between clubs would have included an explicit agreement so that Villarreal promised not to look for any replacement, something that the Yellow Submarine accepted. This was transferred from Butarque to the RFEF. In this way one of the arguments put forward by the agency was canceled to deny the Lega an extraordinary period of signings. There would not be a continuous loop of teams taking off players competition. The circle would have ended with Bacca’s departure to the Leganes. The news, advanced by the Cope Chain and contrasted by As, would have meant an injection of optimism for a Leganés who, After the departure of En Nesyri, first, and that of Braithwaite, later, he has lost a gigantic offensive potential. Both added 10 goals in the League of 18 that the team has scored. last_img

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