Get real Ramjattan!

first_imgDear Editor,The experienced and erudite lawyer, statesman and politician Mr Ralph Ramkarran in his Blog –The Conversation Tree – gave sound advice when he said that, “The AFC is at a fork in the road. Logic would suggest that it should take the bend leading to independence. Necessity for survival, as the AFC would perceive it, would force it to take the bend leading to further subservience to APNU.” This was on December 1, 2018. The choice was ‘independence’ or ‘subservience’.However, what the Public Security Minister Khemraj Ramjattan said in his 2019 Budget speech clearly dispelled any remnants of doubt whatsoever that the AFC has chosen the latter ‘fork in the road’ proposed by Ramkarran, instead they have chosen the road to ‘further subservience to APNU’, more specifically the PNC.It is amusing to see the AFC Leaders, Ramjattan, Trotman and Moses vying for the top spot!When I read the headline in the media that, “Ramjattan sees parallel between PPP’s stance on sugar workers and PNCR Chairman’s position on jobs for supporters” I was totally dumbfounded!But it serves to confirm that the Chairman of the Alliance for Change (AFC) is totally myopic and has allowed his hate not only for the PPP but for the sugar workers who refused to vote for his party to take precedence over the survival of the AFC as an independent political force.The bashing the AFC received was simply too much so he threw caution to the wind and spewed his venom at random towards the sugar workers. He incorrectly drew this comparison: “Volda made a statement recently that she’ll get some employment for her people. You want to say that that is wrong but when you state all the time that you got to employ sugar workers, you got to employ sugar workers that is not wrong. That is not jobs for the boys? Oh! That is not jobs for the boys. If it is anything it is also jobs for the boys. You want us to employ your people because you are very strong in the sugar estate areas and we must pump more, we must pump more. No! We will certainly have to bring it to an end”.It is quite unfortunate that the Vice President of this country can see a sugar worker’s job as ‘jobs for the boys’! More so, Ramjattan so consumed in his hate for the sugar workers, failed to realise that Volda Lawrence subsequently made this statement, ‘I have learned that as a leader I must be cognisant of what I say and do, and must not allow emotions or political fervour to get in the way. So to all those whom I have offended in one way or another, I humbly apologise’. Something is definitely wrong with the way Ramjattan looks at issues!This man who was born, bred and raised among sugar workers and farmers forgot that thousands of sugar workers voted for the AFC in 2011 and in 2015. He forgot that the same sugar workers would have comprised members and supporters of the APNU as well.But Ramkarran hit the nail plumb on the head when he succinctly and conclusively stated that, “The PPP supporters which the AFC had encouraged to cross over have now moved away because the AFC now appears not as a moderating influence on APNU (PNCR), but as a facilitator”. May I add a willing ‘facilitator’ for a brewing dictatorship reign. This was the final nail in the coffin. Ramjattan knows fully well that the AFC has not a glimmer of hope in deceiving the sugar workers once again so it is time him to ‘nail’ them to the proverbial cross!He seemed to suffer convenient amnesia that in order to get votes in 2015, it was the AFC and not the APNU which went into the sugar workers communities with leaflets promising ’20 per cent wage increase across the board’. I confronted an AFC member from Fyrish with the leaflet in my village and he was adamant that the AFC would give that increase.Moreover, the AFC was on television in Berbice promising the same, one of them who now works with the Public Security Ministry had even said that “cane cutters will not get the black thing on their skin anymore”! It was a rosy picture for sugar.Then in January this year Ranjattan claimed that God wanted sugar to fail because oil was found! He again conveniently removed the blame from the coalition. Subservient indeed! This was scoring ‘political points’ Ramjattan!Let me remind Mr Ramjattan that it is the responsibility of the Government to ensure that the dismissed sugar workers are being taken care of even before being severed.It has an obligation to provide support for the livelihoods of those affected by the sugar sector reform it wants to implement (EU’s National Adaptation Strategy stipulation). Since the coalition has miserably failed to do so, then it is the responsibility of the Opposition to remind and agitate them on the dismissed workers’ behalf and it has nothing to do with political affiliation! Get real Ramjattan!Yours sincerely,Haseef YusufRegion 6 RDCCouncillorlast_img read more

Severance payments begin today – Holder

first_imgGovt’s dismissal of sugar workers….Unions never agreed to privatisation proposals – says Chand….GAWU claims Harmon “misinformed” publicBy Shemuel FanfairGovernment’s payout of almost $2 billion as severance to thousands of dismissed sugar workers at the Rose Hall, Skeldon and East Demerara (Enmore) estates is scheduled to go ahead as planned, nearly one month after the entities shut down operations and staff was reduced to skeletal numbers. This was on Sunday confirmed by Agriculture Minister Noel Holder, who disclosed that this segment of payments will be finalised by Wednesday.“As far as I’m aware, everything will be paid off in full. All workers that have to be paid will be paid before Wednesday, before the end of the month,” Minister Holder highlighted.Earlier this month, it was disclosed to the National Assembly that dismissed sugar workers whose severance packages are $500,000 or less would be paid in full by January 31, and workers receiving in excess of aforementioned sum would attain 50% of their severance benefits.Questioned on possible setbacks or legal challenges that could be mounted against this move, which many stakeholders deemed illegal, Minister Holder indicated that, in fact, the Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union (GAWU) has seen the sense of not following through with such plans.“I haven’t heard of any hiccups…I think this time GAWU has been sensible,” the Minister noted, seemingly referring to the “satisfactory” outcome of the meeting between the unions and Government earlier this month.Reports coming out of that very meeting, according to Minister of State Joseph Harmon, indicated that the unions were in fact in agreement with the option of privatising the industry.But GAWU President Komal Chand, on Sunday, when contacted by this newspaper on the union’s alleged decision to agree with privatizing the industry, offered a contrasting view to the privatisation claims.He staunchly denied that his union or the National Association of Agricultural, Commercial and Industrial Employees (NAACIE) had made any such agreement during a meeting with President David Granger, Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo, Minister of State Joseph Harmon, and other senior Government functionaries.“We disassociate ourselves…we haven’t made that agreement. Our general counsel has not made such a statement. GAWU and NAACIE have not jointly made such a statement, and the last letter we gave to Mr Harmon stated very clearly that we are opposed to Colvin Heath-London from the Special Purposes Unit. So that is not true,” Chand observed.The longtime GAWU leader in fact stated that a union stance on privatisation was a matter of policy: “We didn’t agree, but Mr. Harmon attributed to have said we agree; [but] we haven’t changed our position – a policy position of the union. We never, in any way, said we agree to the privatization of any estate in the sugar industry,” he noted.Asked whether the statements Minister Harmon made could be deemed dishonest, Chand responded: “All we have to say is that if the Minister so informed the public, then he is misinforming the public”.Unions monitoring severance payoutSpeaking on this week’s severance payments, Chand indicated that the union would be keeping a watchful eye on the payout in a move to safeguard workers from being shortchanged in the severance computation.“If we go with the Government’s word — that people will get their severance pay, and some will get half now and half later — we have to wait to see if there’s any miscalculation. Those of the view that their calculations are wrong, once they come to us, we will see that the formula is applied in keeping with their last year’s earnings, and they will know, because workers will have the pay slip to show,” he pointed out.“Our Field Secretaries are always on the ground, and they will be available for workers to approach them. That is how it was done for workers at Wales who got their severance pay…we had a few cases from Wales and we represented them and they were sorted out,” he added.Following a meeting held at the Ministry of Presidency between the unions and Government, Chand was quoted as having expressed satisfaction with the meeting’s outcome. In the subsequent days, reports which surfaced revealed promoted calls from sugar workers for him to resign, wherein it was observed that the long-time union and its President had not made adequate representation on their behalf.Since closure of the estates, Government has been heavily criticized for not having a clear direction to steer the terminated workers; and at one point, it seemed that the closure of the Rose Hall Estate would have been pushed back to this year. The Uitvlugt, Blairmont and Albion estates are the only three that remain operational.Last Thursday, Vice President Khemraj Ramjattan said the current Administration had expended some $32 billion since 2015 to bail out the sugar industry and meet its wage bill of close to $350 million per week. He said closure of estates was not new, as it has happened before.In a bid to justify Government’s delay in paying workers their severance at the time of dismissal, Ramjattan made reference to a case involving Trinidad and Tobago, where dismissed workers in that country’s sugar industry allegedly had to wait close to two years before they could receive their severance payments.He quickly changed gear, and this time ran to the rescue of the Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union (GAWU) as workers expressed dissatisfaction with the manner in which that union had handled the issue.“We begged GAWU and we invited NAAICE to come and talk to us…and they did,” Ramjattan said, before being interrupted by a worker who shouted, “But they sell we out!”In response, a visibly upset and embarrassed Ramjattan responded, “No! It cannot be said that way…GAWU is a responsible …they understand…putting (it) the way the polarization of hate and the purveyors of hate…and you got some of them here (who) will say that they sell us out…they did not…they understand the crisis that we have at hand, and they, too, realize that just as how you close Port Mourant years ago, Belladrum, Leonora and LBI…the things need certain closures…”When workers resisted his suggestion and explanations, the Vice President invoked religion, saying that somehow, the failure of sugar could have been part of a divine plan.“So it’s important to understand that hard decisions have to be made, and we are (the) ones that will (have) to make (them)… probably it was destined to have to fail. Probably God wanted it that way, and we have to make the decisions now… Probably that is why God also said let (them) find the oil under this Administration, and we have found it”, he remarked.The Vice President admitted that, somehow, the unions were part of, or suggested, the preferential payment of severance to workers, following a meeting organised by President David Granger.“We are even speaking with the GAWU and NAAICE on all these matters, and it appears that the Opposition does not want to hear us… But let me say this…we are here to say (to) everyone that would like to listen to us and give suggestions…they (GAWU) came up with a suggestion recently after the President asked them to meet us. And then we decided all under $500,000 are going to get their full lump sums; and that is what we are going to do…,” he said.last_img read more

PPP vows to fight “act of oppression” by coalition

first_img– Ali granted self-bail following 19 ‘politically trumped-up’ chargesIn light of the politically trumped up charges brought against former Housing Minister, Irfaan Ali on Wednesday by the Special Organised Crime Unit (SOCU), the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) strongly condemned the move, describing it as a deliberate act intended to tarnish the Party’s leaders in order to impact the choice of its presidential candidate for the 2020 General and Regional Elections.Former Housing Minister Irfaan Ali accompanied by two of his attorneys – Priya Manickchand and Sase Gunraj as the leave the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts on WednesdayThe Party is contending that after thrashing the A Partnership for National Unity/Alliance For Change Government at the Local Government Elections (LGE), the no-confidence motion filed against them and the visionless budget that has plunged them into even deeper political woes, as promised, it has upped the political vendetta against the Opposition.“Their institution, a few days before the National Budget debates begins and of course, the no-confidence motion is no coincidence. The modus operandi in the arrest of Irfaan Ali, says it all,” the PPP stated in a release.According to reports gathered, a vanload of Policemen turned up at the Member of Parliament’s house at about 04:00h, arrested him and took him to the Headquarters of the Special Organised Crime Unit (SOCU).This however, came as a surprise since Ali attended SOCU’s office on every occasion he was requested to do so over the last year hence, the Party stated that there was no need for the show of power. “But, this is the [People’s National Congress] PNC back in form,” it added.“We are not oblivious to the fact that these charges are intended to tarnish our leaders in order to impact the choice of the PPP’s presidential candidate for the 2020 General and Regional Elections. This plan will also not succeed but it will succeed only in making us stronger and even more determined to lead and unite, not only our supporters, but every fair, law abiding and patriotic Guyanese, irrespective of class, race or religion in an indefatigable movement and struggle to remove this corrupt, incompetent and vengeful cabal from Government”.Ali appeared at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts where the 19 politically trumped up charges in relation to the sale of plots of land on the East Coast of Demerara were read to him.According to SOCU, Ali sold 19 plots of land located at Goedverwagting and Sparendaam, East Coast Demerara, below their valued prices. The plots of land, they claimed, were “recklessly” sold at $39.8 million when they were actually valued $212.4 million at the time of their sale.Nevertheless, Ali was not required to plead to the charges. SOCU’s Special Prosecutor Patrice Henry, had no objections to bail but asked the court that it be granted in a substantial amount to guarantee the defendant returns to court.But Ali’s battery of lawyers – including Anil Nandlall, Priya and Jaya Manickchand, Davendra Kissoon and Sase Gunraj – opposed the cash bail application.Attorney Kissoon argued that there is no reason for the 38-year-old Member of Parliament not to be released on his own recognizance, citing his numerous commitments pertaining to national duties, which he “intends to dutifully fulfil”.The defence attorney also mentioned that Ali does not only have his parliamentary commitments but also has quite a reputation since he acted as both the President and Prime Minister under the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) Administration.After listening to the two sides, Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan granted the former Housing Minister self-bail on all 19 counts and set January 7, 2019, as his return court date.Speaking with reporters moments after stepping out the courtroom on Wednesday, the former Housing Minister said, “I have during my tenure, with the help of my staff and the PPP/C Government, we have distributed more than one hundred thousand house lots and regularised lots so maybe it should’ve been a 100,000 charges then for every house lot that was given. But I believe firmly in justice, I believe firmly in trusting the creator and understanding that no form of wickedness, no form of political victimisation, no form of this pressure that the Government believe they can bring on us to silence us, to silence democracy, to silence free speech, to silence an opposition that is exposing them, it is not going to work. This has made me strong, I am more resolute.He recalled in Parliament two weeks ago that Public Security Minister Khemraj Ramjattan had said to him and Nandlall in the Chambers, during one of his hecklings, “Don’t worry you will get convicted (to Nandlall) and you will get charged (to Ali) very soon.” Hence, the charges on Wednesday were no strange occurrence.Nevertheless, Ali told reporters that he is confident in the country’s justice system and that he would be vindicated of the 19 charges.“I have nothing to fear. I have served and I’ve served to the best of my ability and I will continue to do so without fear or favour… We will defend this, we will defend everything that they throw before us because we believe in what we did. We did it with honesty and integrity and… the only condition that we did it in was in service to the people of this country,” he posited.Nevertheless, Attorney Priya Manickchand had told media operatives earlier that the PPP will be fighting this ‘act of oppression’ by the coalition Government against Ali, who is set to kick off the Opposition’s debate on the 2019 Budget next Monday.“This will be met with lawful but equal force. So this kind of oppressive behaviour that the Government is engaging in right now, which is to charge and/or lock up members of the Opposition, and attempt to intimidate members of the Opposition… it’s not going to work,” she asserted.last_img read more

Minister makes first visit to the Peace in new role

first_imgThe Energy Minister’s visit in Fort St. John corresponds with the first day of provincial land sales. Thomson notes that 2010 was the fourth highest year for land sales which he ascribes to the continuing prospects in the Horn River basin and the Montney Shale Play.Thomson attributes industry interest in the northeast to the Province’s competitive tax rates and royalty program. However, he says the Province is still looking into continued development of the natural gas industry and exporting the gas to overseas markets. Photo: Energy Minister Steve Thomson met with government officials, including Peace River North MLA Pat Pimm in Fort St. John, Wednesday./Sean Assor – Advertisement -Energy Minister Steve Thomson has been making his first official visit to the northeast since his appointment to the position in November.Thomson says he has been touring various industry work sites near Fort Nelson and will be meeting with local government officials while he is in Fort St. John.One item of primary concern for industry and government in the region was the recent Oil and Gas Commission decision to move its engineering base to Kelowna. Commission officials attributed the move to problems with retaining qualified engineers in the Peace River area.In addition to his role as energy minister, Thomson also holds the portfolio of minister of natural resource operations which oversees the OGC. He says he agrees that retaining staff has been a problem for the commission but that the office’s move to Kelowna does not fully remove it from the oil and gas industry’s operations.[asset|aid=3398|format=mp3player|formatter=asset_bonus|title=db289232d14d446d1970123cece0c04c-Steve Thomson Visit 1_1_Pub.mp3] Advertisementlast_img read more

FIFA announce date to elect Sepp Blatter’s successor as president

first_imgFIFA will elect their new president to succeed Sepp Blatter in a special congress on 26 February 2016 – meaning the disgraced Swiss chief is set to remain in power for another seven months.An extraordinary meeting of FIFA’s executive committee decided on the date of the election, despite UEFA members having pushed for an earlier date.Candidates for the position will have to be nominated before October 26 – UEFA president Michel Platini has emerged as the favourite after being urged to run by four of the six FIFA confederations.Blatter announced on June 2 that he will step down as president, just four days after being re-elected for a fifth term in office, after the corruption crisis that engulfed FIFA.US justice authorities have indicted 18 people on football-related corruption charges while Swiss prosecutors have launched a separate investigation into bidding for the 2018 and 2022 World Cups being hosted by Russia and Qatar respectively.Former FIFA executive committee member Chuck Blazer has pleaded guilty to corruption charges including accepting bribes to vote for South Africa to host the 2010 World Cup. 1 FIFA president Sepp Blatter last_img read more


first_imgDONEGAL JUNIOR LEAGUEREPORTSOld Orchard Saturday Division Glencar Celtic 1 Arranmore United 3Glencar hosted Arranmore in their first home game and took an early lead with a free kick hammered home by Garvin Grieve. Glencar good not find that second goal and Arranmore equalised with a great free kick from Gavin Mc Glanaghey. He doubled his tally from the penalty spot and his brother Chris scored in the last few minutes to seal the points. Glencar was served best by Chick Mc Laughlin and Graham Cullen and Arranmore produced a team performance on the day.Strand Rovers 3 Fintown Harps AFC 0Strand Rovers welcomed Fintown to Maghery this weekend with a point to prove after a dismal performance last weekend. Conditions were good and Strand started very brightly and were rewarded after only 5 minutes when a cross was headed home by Brendan Glackin. Strand continued to press and were once again rewarded when Gerard Diver cracked home a fantastic free kick after 15 minutes to make it 2-0. All credit to Fintown who tried to get back into it and held off any further advances to leave it 2-0 at the break. The second half was much of the same with Strand applying the pressure and they went 3 up 5 minutes in with a goal created and finished off by Paddy Glackin. Three up and Strand pulled the foot off the gas a wee bit and keeper Kevin Mc Govern had to pull off a wonder save to deny Fintown a goal. Strand forced numerous corners and brought saves from the Fintown keeper but did not add to their tallyOrchard F.C. 5 Mulroy Celtic 0Orchard continued their good start to the season with a 5-0 victory over a Mulroy team missing a few players because of GAA commitments. A well worked short corner brought Orchard’s first of the day with Micheal Doherty finishing well from inside the box. Mulroy almost got back on level terms when they went straight up the pitch but the Mulroy striker was thwarted by an excellent save from Orchard keeper Tommy McLaughlin. Doherty doubled Orchard’s lead when his well struck shot from 25 yards out took a deflection that gave the Mulroy keeper no chance. The second half started slowly with neither team creating many chances of note in the first 20 minutes. After 70 minutes Niall Bonner almost made it three when his fiercely stuck shot came crashing off the bar. Five minutes later and Orchard did have their third when Bonner’s deep cross was expertly headed over the keeper by Redmond Doherty. Orchard finished the game as a contest two minutes later when a fine through ball from Bonner found Gavin Mc Brearty in space and he calmly slotted home to the bottom corner. Bonner got on the score sheet late on after exchanging passes with Redmond Doherty in the box to finish from close range. Best for Mulroy was Mark Griffin who was lively throughout. Good team performance from Orchard. Referee Joe McHughDrumkeen United 2 Drumbar F.C. 0Drumkeen got their League Campaign off to winning start but this was a hard earned victory against Drumbar who were always in the game and the home team only made sure of the points with a second goal near the end. he Home team started brightly but the visitors had the first real chance of the game when a Conrad Clarke effort from the edge of the box forced a great save from Ciaran Bonner. Shortly afterwards Drumkeen took the lead. Rory Gildea took a free kick on the left side on the halfway line which found Aaron Doherty out wide on the right wing. His cross into the middle was turned home by Anthony Browne. After taking the lead the home team seemed to lose their way a bit and Drumbar gradually worked their way into the game. The visitors finished the half strongly and began the second half in similar fashion without managing to score an equaliser. Drumkeen were under pressure at times but they were still having chances as play swung from end to end. Peter McNamee who came on at half time was denied several times by the Drumbar Keeper and Anthony Browne had a couple of chances. At the other end Conrad Clarke had a few chances for Drumbar which he failed to convert. As the game was drawing to a close the home team were holding on but with only a one goal lead it was going to be a difficult last few minutes. Drumkeen made the points secure towards the end when Peter McNamee finally got the better of the Drumbar keeper as he scored a second goal to ease the home nerves. This will not go down as a classic but both teams tried hard and there was some nice football on Display at times. A good team effort from both teams. Referee: Ed Moore.Glencar Inn Saturday Reserve DivisionErne Wanderers Reserves 0 Drumoghill F.C. Reserves 1Drumoghill took an early lead with their first chance of the game on 10 minutes, the striker chipping it nicely over O’ Brien in the Wanderers’ goal. Erne had plenty of chances before and after the goal to get on the score sheet with Dan Warnock and Luke Toland both coming close. Although found sleeping for the goal Wanderers straightened up and dealt well with the bombardment of long balls over the top and continued to play football but failed to take any of their chances. Both teams had chances late on.St. Catherines Reserves 2 Glenea United Reserves 3St. Catherines hosted Glenea United in Emerald Park in perfect conditions. The away team started brightest and dominated possession for the first ten minutes. St. Catherines opened the scoring through Barry Cannon when he found himself through on the keeper after a defensive mistake and he slotted to the back of the net. St. Catherines had a good chance to add to their lead before half time but Stevie Anderson missed from close range with a header. St. Catherines got their second in the 60th minute when Barry Cannon got his second of the game. Kevin Doohan scored with a tap in from a corner on 70 minutes and Padraig McGee got Glenea on level terms on 78 minutes from the penalty spot. Paul McFadden then hit the post for S. Catherines but Glenea wrapped up the points in the last minute when Kieran Mc Geady found the bottom corner with a shot from the edge of the box. Best for St. Catherines were Stephen Leslie and Barry Cannon and it was a good team display from Glenea.Milford United Reserves 1 Cappry Rovers Reserves 1Milford welcomed Cappry to Moyle View Park for their first home league game of the season. Cappry took an early lead in the 5th minute after a poor clearance from Milford’s goalie landed straight to Cappry’s striker who made no mistake in placing it into the bottom corner. Milford grew into the game and got a deserved equaliser in the 35th minute. Brendan Murray combined well with Ciaran Blaney down the right wing with Blaney crossing for Ethan O’ Donnell who swivelled smartly before firing home. Both teams had chances to win it in the second half with JJ Fleming seeing a lobbed effort just sail over Cappry’s bar, and Cappry missing their own one on one with Milford’s goalie pulling off a smart save. A draw was a fair result after a good team effort from both teams. Referee: Keith FerryKeadue Rovers Reserves 1 Castlefin Celtic Reserves 1A hard fought game in Keadue saw both teams share the points. A quiet first half saw neither side create much. Conor Dalton had Castlefin’s best chance after 30 minutes forcing Keadue keeper Ben Boyle into a good save. Castlefin took the lead after 55 minutes when David Stewart scored a header from a corner at the back post. Keadue equalised on 64th minute from a free kick, which Shaun ‘Yank’ Boyle finished from 4 yards. Referee: James Malseed Best for Keadue: Ben Boyle Best for Castlefin: Team Performance.Curragh Athletic Reserves 2 Glenree United Reserves 1With just 9 minutes on the clock Simon Cromie cut in from the wing received Michael Kearney’s pass, beat the full back and placed the ball past the visitor’s keeper, unfortunately for the Curragh it rebounded back off the post and was cleared away. It remained scoreless in the first half. On 54minutes, after a short spell of Curragh pressure, the ball was lost to Mc Laughlin who drove forward only to be met by the out rushing Curragh keeper Jason Woods. McLaughlin got there first and Woods clattered into him whilst trying to clear the ball. Red card brandished and penalty awarded. Up stepped John Doherty putting Glenree 1-0 up against the flow of play. With ten men you’d have thought the Curragh would crumble, not to be though. Paddy Cassidy crossed into the box where a hand-ball presented Curragh with a penalty. Up stepped Gary Heaney to finally get the goal he deserved on 67minutes. A winner did come eventually when James Sweeney scored for the home side. Best for Curragh: All round team performance. Best for Erne: Martin McLaughlin. Referee: Dessie McLaughlinBrian Mc Cormick Sports Premier DivisionCappry Rovers 1 Gweedore Celtic 4Gweedore Celtic went away with the three points from Cappry Park. In the first half both teams played some good football with both teams creating chances. Cappry took the lead in the thirty third minute when the Gweedore keeper could only parry a shot from Aaron Kelly and the ball fell to Stephen Carr who drilled it to the net from ten yards. The visitors went in search of the equaliser and were rewarded when they were awarded a penalty in the thirty sixth minute and Shane Porter scored from the spot. Gweedore went in front in the forty sixth minute when a shot was parried by Eoghan Gallen and it fell to Jay Dee and he scored from close range. There was more trouble for Cappry in the fifty fifth minute when Jamie Boyle scored to the bottom of the net with a shot. Tommy Diver scored Gweedore’s fourth goal in the sixty seventh minute with a header following a free kick. Cappry pushed forward looking to get goals back but to no avail. Team Performance from Cappry.Shane Porter and Ryan Kelly were best for Gweedore. Referee: Paddy Duffy.Castlefin Celtic 3 Milford United 1Milford began the half brightly taking the lead after 10 minutes when Kyle Black found himself free at the back post to tap in. Castlefin equalised 5 minutes later, a Barry Tourish cross found Ronan Tourish who finished into the top corner. Castlefin had a great chance to take the lead before the break, PJ Mc Menamin forcing the Milford keeper into an excellent save. Castlefin took the lead early in the second half when JP Malley rounded the keeper to slot home on 55 minutes. JP Malley got his second and Castlefin’s third on 62 minutes, Malley’s free kick made its way through a crowded Milford box to hit the back post and go in. Castlefin kept the pressure on for the rest of the game with Ronan and Barry Tourish coming close. Referee: Patrick Martin. Best for Castlefin: Team Performance. Best for Milford: Kyle BlackGlenea United 1 St. Catherines 1In a hard fought game both sides had to settle for a point. In the 1st half St Catherine’s played with the elements but found it hard to create any clear chances while the home side were also finding it difficult to create anything. The away side opened the scoring on 23 minutes when Glenea failed to clear a corner properly and it broke to the edge of the box where it was hammered back past Joe Coll. Glenea almost equalised on 35 minutes when Darren Mc Geever’s effort from 35 yards almost caught out the away keeper but it just sailed wide of the post. In the 2nd half it was Glenea that started the strongest and they equalised on 50 minutes when Aodhan Ferry headed home a Padraig McGee free-kick. Both sides battled to get on top after this but chances were at a premium. Glenea thought they had scored on 75 minutes, but Darren Mc Geever’s effort was controversially ruled out for offside. S.t Catherines went close on 83 minutes when Barry Cannon got free but his effort was well saved by Joe Coll. Glenea pressed right until the end and Donal Coll saw his header well saved. Best for Glenea was Donal Coll and Christopher Cannon, while Barry Cannon was best St. Catherines. Referee: Marty QuinnWatson Hire Division OneBonagee United 4 Keadue Rovers 4( No Report Submitted )Kerrykeel ’71 F.C. 2 Cranford United 6Kerrykeel ’71 F.C. lost at home to Cranford United on Sunday evening. Three down at half time Niall Doherty produced a contender for Goal of the Season to give Hughie Walshe’s men a boost. Ciaran Mc Laughlin also scored for the Rab’s Park outfit but they had no answer for Cranford who added three more to seal the points. The Cranford scorers were Marty Mc Bride x3, Caolan Mc Gee x2 and Mark Morrison. Donegal Town 1 Gweedore United 3This game was played in very wet conditions on the Hospital Field, Donegal Town. Gweedore United got off to a dream start and found themselves two goals ahead after only 16 minutes. Patrick Coyle getting Gweedore’s first, a fine strike from 20 yards and then Micheal Barry got on the end of a loose ball at the edge of the Donegal box and made no mistake from close range. 2-0 to Gweedore at half time. Donegal pushed hard in the 2nd half but couldn’t break down an excellent Gweedore defence. Gweedore caught Donegal on the break midway through and it was Micheal Barry who put the game to bed beating the Donegal keeper from close range. David Graham got a consolation goal for Donegal late in the game. 3-1 to Gweedore United at the final whistleLifford Celtic 1 Convoy Arsenal 4Lifford started brightest and hit the front on 15 minutes with Alan Gethins volleying home a David Gethins’ cross following a fine move involving Adam Kelly and Colin Carlin. Convoy came into the game as halftime approached but Lifford’s defence held tight. The second half had only began when Convoy drew level, Lee White parried a Ryan Carlin free kick but Eunan Kelly was alert to tap home. Lifford where forced into three quick substitutions as injuries began to add up. Convoy took advantage of Lifford’s misfortune and hit the front on the hour mark as Guthrie finished following a through ball from Eunan Kelly. Convoy went on to add a further two goals as ex-Lifford player Robb scored on 70 minutes and Eunan Kelly grabbed his second and Convoys fourth on 80 minutes.Raphoe Town 1 Lagan Harps 2Raphoe welcomed Lagan Harps to the Deele College Grounds on a wet damp day for football. Raphoe played some great football in the first half and had Lagan pinned back for long periods with Micheal Quinn, Peter Mc Glynn and Christy Bogle dominant. Raphoe lost Peter Mc Glynn to a very late tackle and on came Stephen Laird who put in a great shift on the left. In the second half Raphoe never got to grips with the game and Lagan started to take control. Raphoe keeper Roy Duffy made and excellent save but shortly afterwards Doran put Lagan one up after a slip up by a Raphoe player. Then things went from bad to worse as the Raphoe keeper was sent off and Lagan got a second through Doran again. Raphoe then lost their stand in keeper through with a red card and a Lagan forward was sent off as well in a game that was far from dirty. Raphoe pulled a goal back through Keelan Gillen but it was too late. Team performance from both sides. Referee: Micky MulhernCT Ball Division TwoWhitestrand United 0 Deele Harps 1Whitestrand United played Deele Harps at Mc Garvey Park. The game started at a frenetic pace with both teams having chances. The deadlock was broken when Deele took the lead, a well taken goal. The game was affected by the rain as the ball always picked up pace off the surface. There weren’t many more clear cut chances as both teams strived to control the game in wet conditions. The second half started and the Whitestrand started on the front foot. They went in search of an equaliser. Whitestrand spent long periods in the opposition half of the pitch but struggled to create many clear cut opportunities. They had a goal disallowed for a tight offside decision but the game petered out and ended with only the one goal.Letterbarrow Celtic 5 Curragh Athletic 2This game was played in good spirits and Curragh broke the deadlock after 20 minutes when Garvin Tinney curled a fantastic shot in off the post after James McDaid had made a great save with the first effort. The home side restored parity when John Corley broke into the box and slotted the ball into the bottom corner from 10 yards. Letterbarrow took the lead on 40 minutes when Gerard Mc Brearty headed home after some good build up play. The visitors piled on the pressure at the start of the second half but on 65 minutes Christy Burke powered a header home from a James Mc Groary corner. John Corley got his second and Letterbarrow’s fourth on 70 minutes when he beat the offside trap to slot past the keeper. Gerard Mc Brearty got the fifth for the home side when he fired home from 20 yards after a neat one two. Shay Hannigan made in 5-2 when he scored from a corner on 85 minutes. Christy Burke was best for Letterbarrow, with Mickey O’Brien putting in a good performance for Curragh Athletic.Eany Celtic 1 Erne Wanderers 7Despite a bright start by Eany lost three quick goals to Mark Dorrian, Philip Patton and Diarmuid Slevin. Mark Dorrian was on target again in the 40th minute and completed his hat-trick on the stroke of half time. A spirited performance by Eany in the second half kept pressure on the visitors, but they were caught again and CianDolan ran through for Erne’s 6th. Mark Ward got one back for Eany with a near post header with 20 minutes left. Luke Dolan got the final goal in injury timeDunkineely Celtic 3 Copany Rovers 1Dunkineely Celtic got their first points of the season with a comprehensive home win over Copany Rovers. The home team dominated the opening exchanges and should have been on the scoreboard long before they got their first goal. Pauric Conaghan got the opening goal on 22 minutes when he finished well from 10 yards after being set up by Emmet Kennedy. Copany equalised two minutes later when veteran Thomas Given headed home from a corner which came from Copany’s first meaningful attack. Dunkineely continued to dominate possession but poor finishing and some last ditch defending kept the scores level at the break.Copany came out strongly after the break and almost caught the home defence napping on 46 minutes when a shot from the edge of the box went narrowly wide. Dunkineely got to grips with the game again and retook the lead on 55 minutes when Emmet Kennedy finished well from six yards from a Pauric Conaghan cross. The home team continued to create chances and Paul Murrin and Adrian Nesbitt both went close. They made the game safe on 75 minutes when Emmet Kennedy chipped the keeper from the right side of the box following another Pauric Conaghan cross. Best for Dunkineely were Aaron Byrne and Pauric Mc Intyre while Thomas Given led by example for a hard working Copany. Referee: Martin Mc AnennyRESULTSOld Orchard Saturday DivisionGlencar Celtic 1 v 3 Arranmore UnitedStrand Rovers 3 v 0 Fintown Harps AFCOrchard F.C. 5 v 0 Mulroy CelticDrumkeen United 2 v 0 Drumbar F.C.Glencar Inn Saturday Reserve DivisionErne Wanderers Reserves 0 v 1 Drumoghill F.C. ReservesSt. Catherines Reserves 2 v 3 Glenea United ReservesMilford United Reserves 1 v 1 Cappry Rovers ReservesKeadue Rovers Reserves 1 v 1 Castlefin Celtic ReservesCurragh Athletic Reserves 2 v 1 Glenree United ReservesBrian Mc Cormick Sports Premier DivisionCappry Rovers 1 v 4 Gweedore CelticCastlefin Celtic 3 v 1 Milford UnitedGlenea United 1 v 1 St. CatherinesRathmullan Celtic P v P Kilmacrennan CelticWatson Hire Division OneBonagee United 4 v 4 Keadue RoversKerrykeel ’71 F.C. 2 v 6 Cranford UnitedDonegal Town 1 v 3 Gweedore UnitedLifford Celtic 1 v 4 Convoy ArsenalRaphoe Town 1 v 2 Lagan HarpsCT Ball Division TwoWhitestrand United 0 v 1 Deele HarpsLetterbarrow Celtic 5 v 2 Curragh AthleticEany Celtic 1 v 7 Erne WanderersDunkineely Celtic 3 v 1 Copany RoversFIXTURESFriday 25th SeptemberGlencar Inn Saturday Reserve DivisionCurragh Athletic Reserves v Cappry Rovers Reserves ( K.O. 7.30 p.m.)Saturday 26th SeptemberFAI Junior CupDrumoghill F.C. Reserves v Kilmacrennan Celtic ( K.O. 1.30 p.m.)Drumkeen United v Gweedore Celtic ( K.O. 1.30 p.m.)Clones Town v Curragh Athletic ( K.O. 2 p.m.)Old Orchard Saturday Division K.O. 2 p.m. ( Unless Stated )Fintown Harps AFC v Orchard F.C.Glencar Celtic v Strand RoversGlencar Inn Saturday Reserve DivisionGlenree United Reserves v Erne Wanderers ReservesDonegal Town Reserves v St. Catherines ReservesKeadue Rovers Reserves v Milford United ReservesCastlefin Celtic Reserves v Glenea United Reserves Sunday 27th SeptemberFAI Junior Cup K.O. 1.30 p.m. ( Unless Stated )Greencastle F.C. v Erne WanderersGlengad United v Raphoe TownBallybofey United v GlasloughGweedore United v Rathmullan CelticDeele Harps v Glenea UnitedMilford United v Glenree UnitedDrumoghill F.C. v Lagan HarpsCavan Rangers v Kerrykeel ’71 F.C.Cavan Celtic v Donegal TownCappry Rovers v Cavan CelticCastlefin Celtic v Convoy ArsenalBonagee United v Lifford CelticKildrum Tigers v Carrowmena F.C.KS Eagles v Arranmore UnitedDONEGAL LEAGUE: ALL THE REPORTS, RESULTS AND FIXTURES was last modified: September 20th, 2015 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:Donegal Leaguelast_img read more

Ulster Senior League announces its search for the ‘Eleven30’ to celebrate 30 seasons

first_imgThe Ulster Senior League has announced details of the ‘ELEVEN30’ venture, confirmed by the League at an executive meeting tonight.In celebration of 30 full seasons of the Ulster Senior League, which first came into being in the 1986/87 season, the League has appointed a selection panel which will chose the ‘ELEVEN30’ – the team of the 30 seasons of the USL.Although this is actually the 32nd season of the USL, two of those were short, interim campaigns to allow for the switch to summer football in 2007 and another last season to facilitate the switch back to the winter season last year. The ‘ELEVEN30’ will comprise eleven players, chosen in position, and a manager, selected by the League’s panel.Ulster Senior League PRO Chris McNulty will Chair a selection panel that also includes Eamon McConigley, Danny McConnell, Chris Ashmore, Harry Walsh, Cathal Toland and Brian McIvor.Eamon McConigley is the current manager of Letterkenny Rovers. He won USL titles as a player and manager with Fanad United as well as winning the FAI Intermediate Cup with the Triagh-A-Locha club.Last season, he helped take Letterkenny Rovers to the Intermediate Cup final and managed Rovers to USL glory in 2009. Danny McConnell managed Letterkenny Rovers and Swilly Rovers to USL titles and also managed Drumoghill FC during their time in the League.Chris Ashmore and Harry Walsh have been reporting on the Ulster Senior League in the local media since the League’s early years, with Harry also a former player at Letterkenny Rovers.Cathal Toland has seen the USL from different positions. A former referee, he has been in the thick of the action, while he has been Chairman at Fanad United and also served on the League Executive for a period.Brian McIvor played for Fanad United, Quigley’s Point Swifts and also Cockhill Celtic, while he served a period as manager of QPS..Ulster Senior League PRO Chris McNulty said: “The idea behind ‘ELEVEN30’ is to mark the occasion of the League reaching this milestone in its history by showcasing the high standard of players who have graced the League. “This will also generate widespread debate and talk about who should be included and you’ll find that no two people will select the same 11.“The USL has seen some wonderful individual talents since 1986 and you could talk for hours on end about this.“I would like to thank the selection panel who have agreed to participate in the selection of the ‘ELEVEN30’.“We wanted to get a broad representation from people who have been involved in the League from day one and who have an in-depth knowledge from the different generations. “We’re sure that the final selection will be eagerly awaited. The team will be unveiled at our end-of-season awards function. The date and venue for this function will be confirmed at a later time.”Ulster Senior League Chairman Johnny McCafferty said: “Some fantastic players have graced the Ulster Senior League over the years, since it first began in the 1986/87 season.“Countless players have gone on to play at senior level in the League of Ireland and in the Irish League while many others have gone further afield in their careers.“The Ulster Senior League has been the standard-bearer for Donegal soccer since 1986 and the aim for the League Executive and the clubs now competing is to remain in that position.“The standard of the League is extremely high as will be reflected by the debates that this announcement will create. Every position here will be hotly contested and there are no certainties.“The calibre of player that will be included in our ‘ELEVEN30’ selection will showcase just how good the Ulster Senior League has been over the years.”The USL will unveil further details, including a logo, of this event in the coming weeks and supporters are encouraged to give their opinions on social media, via the Ulster Senior League Facebook page and on Twitter @uslfootball and using the hastag #USLELEVEN30Ulster Senior League announces its search for the ‘Eleven30’ to celebrate 30 seasons was last modified: January 16th, 2017 by Chris McNultyShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)last_img read more

German icon blames Arsenal’s Mesut Ozil and another star for World Cup exit

first_img 2 Former Bayern Munich shot-stopper Kahn did not hold back in the wake of the embarrassing exit.And he identified Arsenal star Mesut Ozil (who clashed with German fans after the game) and Juventus midfielder Sami Khedira as the two most culpable for the holder’s early exit.He said: “They deserved to go out.  The players didn’t show enough commitment throughout the group stage.“They lacked togetherness, and their play was far too static.“The main disappointments for me were Sami Khedira and Mesut Ozil. Sami Khedira attempts to console Ozil after defeat to South Korea sent the Germans packing “They were bypassed during the first game against Mexico, and were left on the bench against Sweden.“They got another chance on Wednesday, but neither of them could take it.“They are two of our most experienced players, yet they failed in too many areas.“The German FA has a lot of work ahead.  They must ask themselves which players they should rely on in the years to come. 2center_img Oliver Kahn has blasted two of Germany’s biggest players in the wake of their disastrous World Cup campaign.Joachim Low’s men have already returned home after finishing bottom of Group F thanks to a 2-0 defeat by South Korea. Kahn, who captained the national team to the Final in 2002, did not hold back in his scathing assessment “What went wrong for #GER?” 🤔“Mesut Ozil!” 😡Germany fans in Russia blame the Arsenal man for World Cup exit.#WorldCup | #TSWorldCup— talkSPORT (@talkSPORT) June 27, 2018Germany fans also blamed Ozil for the holder’s early exit“This disappointment follows on from a season in which the Bundesliga’s level has dropped.“Our clubs had poor results in European football, and so this failure is not down to bad luck – our national game is not in good form.“The German team should have asked itself questions after winning the World Cup in Brazil.“There wasn’t enough desire to stage a repeat performance.“I didn’t see a real team. The players were not united, there was a lack of communication – and with an attitude like that it is impossible to go far.“The coach has extended his contract until 2022. The team has had a painful failure, and he is partly to blame.“But I would be amazed if he is not still in charge in the months to come.“He had done a great deal for the national team since 2006, and they have reached at least the semi-finals in every major competition.“That is exceptional.  You mustn’t change absolutely everything.”Not since 1938 have Germany failed to progress from the group stages of the World Cup Finals.A shock defeat to Mexico and a last-minute winner against Sweden mean they finished bottom of Group F with just three points.last_img read more

Chelsea’s summer transfer decision was a surprise, says Fabinho

first_img Bakayoko and Fabinho won the French league together at Monaco in 2017 Chelsea’s decision to send Tiemoue Bakayoko on loan to Milan came as a surprise to Liverpool midfielder Fabinho.The pair were team-mates at Monaco and won the 2016/17 Ligue 1 title before the Blues snapped up Bakayoko for around £40million and gave him a five-year deal.An underwhelming campaign, though, saw him sent to Italy for the season, but Fabinho doesn’t agree he was an expensive mistake. 2 “I don’t think he struggled that much,” he told Yahoo.“I watched a few games and he seemed always good to me.“Obviously, in your first season in a new club it’s always difficult and I wasn’t expecting him to leave, but AC Milan are getting a great player.“I’m sure he’ll be able to prove how good he is and show what he did at Monaco.“I’m sure if he comes back to England he will be stronger and will show everyone what he’s capable of.”Fabinho followed Bakayoko to the Premier League during the summer, with Liverpool paying the French side £43.7m, but has so not played any competitive games.center_img 2 Bakayoko joined Milan on loan for the seasonlast_img read more